A compact license is nothing new for the nursing industry. However, for physical therapists, it has been something a lot of people have been pushing for. The Federation of State Boards of Physical Therapy has been actively working on a project to develop interstate licensure compact for physical therapy. How does the physical therapy compact license impact you? What states are part of the compact license for physical therapists (PT)? This article will bullet point some of the major items surround the PT compact license.

How Does The Physical Therapy Compact License Impact You

Physical therapists for years had to go through a specific process when getting licensed in every state. Times might be changing. The Physical Therapy Compact is allowing for eligible licenses physical therapists to practice and licensed physical therapy assistants (PTAs) to work in a compact member state without going through the normal license process. In layman’s terms, while older license process is still in place, compact privileges are convenient, cheaper, and faster.

What Are The Cliff Notes?

We had a call with the PT Compact Board to discuss the new compact license. Here are the cliff notes the call we had with the PT Compact Board:

  • 21 states are on board with more states in line to get passed.
  • ND, MO, TN ready to go live July 9th to issue.
  • Fees/additional exams vary per state. The average cost will be $100 each.
  • Home state (no time restriction to prove residency/ accept state ID or driver’s license/ pay taxes there/voters registration), same as nurse compact, active duty military have more flexibility.
  • Any changes in home state need to be updated ASAP and may affect privileges, renew home license then renew compact privileges, will get automated updates of expiration.
  • Eligibility: residence in state, active home state license, no restrictions.
  • Create profile and apply compact privileges on ptcompact.org, user friendly site will tell you why rejected if so, should be member within few days.
  • Compact privileges will expire when Home state license expires, keep that active always!
  • Purchase privileges online, pay fee instantly, agree to complete other misc. requirements if they do not comply with then they will lose privileges 2 years and face action.
  • Compact commission fee $45 each, plus individual state fee (EX: MO $50 + NC $40 + Fee 45*2= $180 total).
  • Can pay with standard credit card payment, will have purchase confirmation and a License # will be provided instantly!
  • Auto issued, state will be notified and can begin practicing in that state but proceed w caution as some states require Jurisprudence etc. must be completed before either online or in class.
  • PT, PTA even New grads eligible as long have home state license.
  • Verifications for states outside of compact; new process so for now will have to verify states that therapist have worked directly with those state boards.
  • Can let compact privileges lapse but cannot work on any of those states of course.
  • Staffing companies cannot pay directly, Host will abide by typical reimbursement policies.

How Does The Physical Therapy Compact License Impact You

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