Being in the travel healthcare industry, it’s quite possible that you will have as many as four phone interviews within one year! How to ace your phone interview you might ask? Luckily for you, the majority of these are scheduled and you have time to prepare.

There are a few things to do before this initial call.

Do your homework and arrange a calm environment for yourself. Doing your homework, in this case, doesn’t matter quite as much, but you should still have a general idea of who they are/what setting they are/what is most important to them. Creating a positive and calm environment is key. Make sure you wont have any distractions for the next 20-30 minutes! During the interview, you should be aware of your talking and listening duration.

Keep in mind that this is a two-way interview. It’s just as important that you get your questions answered to make sure this a good fit for you too. However, do not go overboard — let them lead the call. Make sure you also create a positive ending. If you do not feel it, let us tell them no. This is an industry etiquette. Smile as you talk. Sit up straight. Drink water. Ask questions. Take notes. Find connections.

After the interview, call your recruiter and let them know how you felt about it. History shows that if you landed the phone interview, you are already locked in… unless it simply wasn’t a great fit. Good luck and go get ’em!


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