Telemetry nurses play a crucial role in direct patient care, especially when it’s imperative to a patient’s health to have their vitals carefully monitored. It’s an exciting yet competitive nursing specialty, so it can be helpful to do some research to better prepare for the application process.

Whether you’re new to the field and are drafting your first RN telemetry nurse resume or have been working in this specialty for years, one important aspect of applying for a position involves creating a resume formatted specifically for the role.

Let’s take a deeper look at the steps involved in writing a telemetry nurse resume, review some key skills you can include, and explore a few tips to help you craft a well-written resume that distinguishes yours from the competition.

What Are the Steps for Writing a Telemetry Nurse Resume?

Before you can find ways of making your resume stand out, let’s talk about the basic structure that your resume should follow. Here are six steps you can take when writing your telemetry nurse resume.

#1 Insert Your Contact Information

It’s essential to include your contact information so the hiring manager has the information they need to reach out for an interview. Your contact information ‌includes:

  • Your first and last name
  • Your phone number
  • A professional email address
  • The city and state where you currently reside

#2 Include a Resume Objective

Under your contact information, you can write your resume objective, which is a two- to three-sentence paragraph describing your professional experience, accomplishments, and why you’re an ideal candidate for the position.

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#3 Discuss Your‌ Work Experience

The next step is to add relevant work-related experience. If you were a telemetry nurse in a previous role, you can include duties and accomplishments specific to that job.

Conversely, if this is the first telemetry nursing position you’re applying for, you can include general nursing experiences you’ve had in the past. Consider discussing daily tasks you had in other specialties you’ve worked in or some of your nursing duties as an intern.

#4 Discuss Your Skills

After including your work experience, you can add a bulleted list of six to eight skills that showcase your capabilities as a telemetry nurse.

Include a few hard skills, which are abilities you’ve learned through education and on-the-job training. For example, you could incorporate specialized work you perform on patients or the specific machines you use to read vitals.

In addition, consider adding some soft skills that relate to how you perform in your work environment, such as: 

  • Organization
  • Time management
  • Interpersonal skills.

#5 Add Certifications and Licenses

If you’ve obtained telemetry nurse certification, you can include this section to further demonstrate to employers that you’re qualified for the role.

If you choose to include this section, list all licenses, certifications, and training you currently have, as well as the dates they expire.

#6 Review Your Education

The education section gives you the opportunity to highlight each of your degrees. In this section, add each college or university you got a degree from, the degree received, and the dates you attended each institution. 

What Are the Top Telemetry Skills to Include on Your Resume?

Including skills that correlate directly with telemetry can highlight your expertise in the field. Here are some of the top telemetry skills you can include:1

  • Monitoring vital signs
  • Knowledge of cardiac monitoring techniques
  • Interpreting and treating a patient based on their readings
  • Familiarity using EKGs, ECGs, blood pressure monitors, and dialysis machines
  • Administering basic and advanced life support
  • Monitoring patients before, during, and after procedures

How Do You List Telemetry Travel Nursing vs. Permanent Nursing Employment?

If you’ve had a combination of permanent and travel nursing positions in your career, you can easily clarify which positions were travel roles versus which were permanent. In your work experience section, include an extra line clarifying the nature of each position.

Here’s an example:

Employer’s name

Your specialty

Permanent position or travel position

Dates worked

How Can You Make Your Telemetry Nursing Resume Stand Out?

When you’re applying for a position, there could be 15 other applicants—or there might be 1,500. If you want yours to stand out amongst the competition, here are a few suggestions.

Use Keywords

Review the job listing and job description and include some of those keywords in your resume, such as skills the employer listed that you also possess. A hiring manager will often choose to move forward with applicants who’ve incorporated those keywords.2

Quantify Your Achievements

When available, provide specific examples of your accomplishments using quantifiable information. This often gives employers a better understanding of your abilities.

For example, instead of saying you worked in the cardiac patient care unit, you could say you worked in a 48-bed telemetry unit, which is more specific and shows you can work in an area with a demanding workload. 

Proofread the Finished Product

This may seem obvious, but it’s often overlooked. Read over your completed draft and check for spelling, punctuation, and other grammar inconsistencies. Ensure you have uniform formatting throughout. This can further prove to employers ‌that you’re detail-oriented.

Tailor Your Resume for Each Application

It’s perfectly acceptable to adjust your professional resume for each application you send out. Job listings often have different qualifications and preferred skills, so you can make alterations to the information on your professional resume so that it better fits the job description and needs of each employer.

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