Are you a therapist who is looking for a travel therapy assignment? With the many travel therapy assignment based companies to choose from, many therapists are overwhelmed when deciding which company to work with. This article covers a few of the most important questions any therapist should consider before you choose a travel therapy company.

Questions To Ask When You Choose A Travel Therapy Company

1) Does the company have knowledgeable recruiters? When you first contact a travel therapy company, you will likely be connected to a recruiter. When pursuing the travel occupational therapist field, it is important that your recruiter is knowledgeable about the therapy industry, including knowledge of different types of facilities and specialties. Your recruiter should be a resource for all your travel assignment and travel contract questions. If you are a hand therapist looking for an acute care hospital, then your recruiter must understand what you are looking for in an assignment. If your recruiter cannot speak intelligently about the nuances of therapy careers, then he/she will probably not be able to find you your ideal travel therapy job.

2) Does the company offer clinical support? Before considering an assignment, you should ask your recruiter if the company offers clinical support. Does the company have a therapist who can answer your technical questions and offer support while you work on your travel job assignment? If the company offers clinical support, this is a good indication that they are an established travel therapy company that is committed to delivering a high level of service to their therapists.

How Reputable Is The Travel Therapy Company?

3) Is the company Joint Commission Certified? Started in 1951, The Joint Commission evaluates and accredits more than 20,000 healthcare organizations and programs in the United States. The Joint Commission only certifies companies that are able to demonstrate a record of high performance. In addition, these companies must be compliance with Joint Commission Standards and have a continuous commitment to the best business practices. As a traveling therapist, Joint Commission Certification means that your company cares about quality and providing you with the best experience as a traveling therapist. If your company is Joint Commission Certified, they will likely post the Joint Commission’s ‘Gold Seal of Approval’ on their website.

4) Can the company provide you with references from other traveling therapists? You should ask your recruiter if he or she could arrange a time for you to speak with an experienced traveling therapist about the company. If the company is well-liked by their current travelers, your recruiter should be able to arrange a time for you to speak with a current or past traveling therapist.

What Packages and Benefits Do They Offer?

5) Does the company offer competitive compensation packages? As a traveling therapist, you will be working in areas of the country where your skills are in high demand. Therefore, your compensation is usually higher than permanent therapists. If your travel therapy company is well-established, they will be able to negotiate the best compensation package for you. Ask your recruiter to explain your compensation package in detail. Keep in mind that your wage is only one part of your compensation as a travel therapist. Most travel therapy companies also offer tax-free housing and per diem stipends, paid within IRS guidelines. A reputable travel therapy company should also be able to arrange furnished deluxe housing for you as an alternative to the housing stipend.

6) Does the Company offer benefits such as tuition reimbursement, CEU reimbursement, and health insurance? The best travel therapy companies offer their therapists more than just the best travel therapy jobs. They also provide additional benefits and resources for their therapists. Do they offer benefits such as tuition reimbursement and mentorship program for therapy new grads? Do they provide CEU reimbursement and company-paid health insurance? If so, you can feel good that your company is likely well-established. There is no question that taking a travel therapy assignment is a big decision. Therefore, it is imperative that you choose a travel therapy company you can trust. You want your travel job to not only have a good pay rate and travel assignment, but one that offers resources and support for you while you are working.

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Host Healthcare Travel Therapy

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