Becoming a traveling nurse is a dream job for many healthcare professionals—and it’s not just available for licensed practical nurses, registered nurses, and nurse practitioners. Host Healthcare is a travel nurse agency that also connects registered respiratory therapists, radiological technologists, radiation therapists, and many more to travel assignments.

Whether you’re looking to tour the country or take advantage of a higher travel nurse salary, you can easily search for jobs in travel healthcare and complete an application online with Host Healthcare.

Let’s take a closer look at how to apply for travel nursing. 

What Does the Application Process Entail?

There are three stages to the application process with Host. 

  1. Information gathering – After completing a short application and submitting your resume, you’ll complete your profile including assignment preferences. 
  2. Recruiter connection – A travel nurse recruiter will be with you through the entire process, starting by getting to know you and helping you find a perfect match, helping you through the interview and offer process, and even making sure you land in a comfortable new home. 
  3. Job offer – Host Healthcare matches you with screened employers who will employ you directly. The hiring process may consist of a phone interview and then an employment offer. 

What Do You Need to Apply?

Before you sit down at the computer to start the online application, you’ll want to gather some information together. You’ll be asked to provide:1 

  • Current resume (PDF) reviewed for travel nursing
  • Work history details, particularly tailored to your desired positions
  • License and certification details including dates
  • References 
  • Personal information required for employment including a permanent address, social security number, date of birth, and emergency contact

As you begin to search jobs, keep an eye out for professional keywords and skills that pop up in desirable assignments. Update your work history and resume to highlight where your experience is a match to ensure a successful candidate profile prior to applying to an upcoming travel assignment

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Is There a Specific Process in Place?

Once you’re ready to apply for travel nursing jobs, the first step is to apply through our website. The process is straightforward, including these seven steps from application to starting a new travel nursing assignment

  1. Get started – Fill out a short form on the sign-up page of our website. In addition to your contact information, you’ll be asked for your: 
  • Discipline, out of 32 choices
  • Specialty within the discipline
  • Resume in PDF format
  1. Complete your profile – Check your inbox for a welcome email containing a password and link to sign in to your account. You’ll be invited to complete your profile, including: 
  • Licenses 
  • Certifications
  • Work experience
  • Education
  • References
  • Personal information (social security number, date of birth, emergency contact)
  • Top three preferred destinations
  1. Connect with your recruiter – Once we receive your travel nurse application, we’ll pair you with a recruiter who will be your personal contact throughout the job search and employment process. They’ll get to know you, your professional background, and your travel goals as a healthcare professional. 
  2. Find an opportunity – You can search for open travel nursing jobs on our website as well as through your recruiter’s hand-picked assignments for you to consider. Host connects candidates with hundreds of job opportunities at hospitals, healthcare facilities, and in home health placement. 
  3. Prepare for your interview – Interviews are generally short phone calls with the hiring facility. Your recruiter will help prepare you to showcase your skills. 
  4. Receive an offer – You’ll get a formal offer from the hospital or facility after completing a successful interview. Offers may include a travel stipend and housing allowance as well as salary and benefits. 
  5. Accept the offer and start your travel – Once you say “yes” to the offer, you can start packing! Wondering how to find housing as a travel nurse? Your recruiter will continue to partner with you by assisting with housing and transportation arrangements. 

Who Is Reviewing the Travel Nurse Application?

Our recruitment team—with over 90 members—reviews applications as they come in. In addition to dedicated recruiters, we have contract and travel specialists to provide additional support as needed.

You can get to know all staff members on the Meet the Team web page and see testimonials from other travelers. 

What Happens Once You Apply With Host Healthcare?

Connecting you with the right recruiter can take from one day to a week. Because we ensure recruiters have the capacity to provide personalized service, turnaround timing can vary. 

A common delay for new travelers is unresponsive references. When you provide your references, we suggest that you connect with them to let them know to expect a call or email from us and ask that they reply quickly. 

Once you’re at the job offer stage, we suggest allowing at least two weeks between offer acceptance and your first start date. Even if you can throw together a suitcase in record time and hop on the next flight, it’s important to allow enough time to settle into your new location, familiarize yourself with the commute, and be ready to turn your full attention to the travel assignment on day one.

Are You Ready to Get Started with Host Healthcare? 

Gather up your details and grab a coffee! With crisis jobs at a record level due to the pandemic, there are opportunities galore for travel nurses and other healthcare professionals. 

Visit Host Healthcare today to learn more and apply to start your next adventure as a traveler!