Now that you’ve scored your first travel nursing or therapy assignment in a new and exciting city, the next steps you take will ensure you’re prepared to hit the road. While our recruiters can help with any questions you may have and all of the paperwork—we’ve created this leaving home checklist to ensure your assignment goes as smoothly as possible.

Leaving Home Checklist: Packing – Know Your New Weather

It may take some time to master the art of packing for an assignment but with time you’ll start to pare down the essentials for the climate in your new city. First instinct will be to make sure you don’t forget anything by over packing but with time you’ll find traveling light but comfortably is key to a successful assignment. If you’re not already equipped with the correct outerwear for your new climate, you can always purchase items after your arrival—this makes packing and traveling much easier.

Leaving Home Checklist: Pack Immediate Essentials

Immediate essentials are those things you may need right away but might not have time to run to the store for before your first shift. Even if your plan is to arrive early, unforeseen weather or car problems could set you back. In case of this, pack toilet paper, a few non-perishable food items, laundry detergent, and travel toiletries.

Leaving Home Checklist: Forwarding Your Mail

As soon as your know your new address you can go online and submit a change of address request. United States Postal Service will allow you to select the date you’d like to start receiving mail at the new address. Select temporary address change if you plan to return to your old address within 12 months. Initial forwarding periods are restricted to 6 months, but can be extended up to 1 year. The minimum length is 15 days.

Leaving Home Checklist: Turning Off Your Water

Frozen pipes are a nightmare, especially if they should burst. Either turning off your water before you leave or winterizing your home (depending on your location) is recommended. If you’re not quite sure how to winterize or deal with water shutoffs many plumbers offer home winterizing services for a reasonable price.

Leaving Home Checklist: Leave a Key Behind

Don’t forget to leave a key behind for a trusted neighbor or family member, even if you’re confident your home is secure. You may want someone to check on your house at least one while you’re away on assignment.

Leaving Home Checklist: Make Copy of Important Paperwork

By copy, we actually mean a digital copy. Photograph on your phone or digitize important paperwork in case it is lost or destroyed in your move.

Leaving Home Checklist: Oil Change and Vehicle Check-Up

If you’re not flying, make sure to have a mechanic look over your car, rotate your tires and change your oil. Not only could this prevent a breakdown it will help ensure your car is reliable enough for multiple travel assignments and continued use.

Leaving Home Checklist: Decide Your Route

GPS makes it really easy to just jump in the car, start the GPS and be on our way. When embarking on your first travel assignment though it’s always beneficial to check out your route before you go. Depending on your starting destination and where you’re headed you may also need to check weather. It’s possible you may need to wait out snow or drive during daylight hours—so know where to find roadside motels and other accommodations—just in case.

Lastly, don’t forget to leave time to tidy up your current dwelling before hitting the road. It’s an obvious step to take before leaving but often in all of the packing and tying up of loose ends, time gets spent on other areas of preparation. Coming back to a clean home is just one of the many pieces that will make your arrival home all the better.

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