Every May we celebrate pets. Whether companion, comedian, confidant or protector, our pets are always there for us and don’t ask for much in return. This week we celebrate National Pet Week. National Pet Week celebrates this bond and encourages pet owners to be certain they provide their best friends with all they need for a happy, healthy life every week of the year. At Host Healthcare, we certainly are pet people. We love our four legged friends and want to highlight some #HostMascot in this article. Check out how we support National Pet Week at Host Healthcare.

National Pet Week At Host Healthcare

Reed Dolla$ Hazel
Human – Kevin
Age – 14 months
Breed – Rhodesian Ridgeback
Fun fact – Reed loves pizza , chasing anything that runs from her , and already weighs a whopping 95lbs. Interesting fact about Reed and her breed – is that Rhodesian Ridgebacks were bred to originally hunt lions in South Africa ( Rhodesia) which is present day Zimbabwe.



Human – Caitlin
Age – 5 years
Breed – French Bull Dog
Fun fact – Our French bull dog Lady is 5 years old and her best friends are her sister cats Marley (3) and Beans (6). You can always find Lady snuggling with them!



Oliver (left) & Luna (right)
Human – Sarah
Oliver, 3 years old, Sphynx Tuxedo
Luna, 2 and a half years old, Sphynx Calico
Fun fact – Oliver loves to chase the sun. Loves to keep his tan going and is the quiet type. Luna was born in Russia and came to San Diego with her sister.






Roo & Kala
Human – Kyle R.
Breed – Roo (Brown – Tijuana Special) Supposedly an Italian Greyhound and Miniature Pincher Mix? (not so sure about that).
Age – We rescued him at 6 months old. About 2.5 years old now.
Fun fact – Roo Likes to run full speed at people and dogs and bark as he goes past them. Scares people all the time. Haha. He is also super intelligent, which gets him into trouble.

He also tends to try to sit on other dogs as he plays with them. He is super fast and he’s gotten out of his collar and run us around in a canyon for 3 hours at midnight as he chased bunnies once.

Breed – Kala (Black) Lab mix, but she’s pretty small. Rescued at 4 months old.
Age – She’s about 1.5 years old now.
Fun fact – Kala is sweet, and likes to give hugs (She places her head and neck across your neck). She also is infatuated with anyone’s open mouth. She will try very hard to get her tongue into your mouth.

She can smell the squeaker in a ball without hearing it. She will swim for a good stick or squeaky ball. She HATES her nails being clipped. She’s a little too good of an eater, so she’s an extra good cuddler. haha.


Human – Chanel
Breed – He is a Pomeranian mixed with I don’t know what.
Age – Brady is 3 years old!
Fun fact – Brady works at a liquor store 5 days a week and increases the sales.


Cattie & Sue

Human – Megan
Sue (black cat on left) & Cattie (on right)
Age – Sue is 5 and Cattie is 5

Human – Courtney
Age – Dave is 4 years old!
Fun fact – Dave gets to go to work with dad everyday.









Human – Kaylan
Age & Bread – Pilot is 5-yr. old Dutch Shepard/Pit Bull mix.
Fun fact – Pilot was adopted at 8-wks old and has been smothering me in kisses ever since. A few of his favorites things include; eggs for breakfast, surfing, and playing hide and go seek.









Kila & Griffey
Human – Kyle S.
Breed – Kila (brown dog on the right) is a mix of Rhodesian Ridgeback & Stafford Shepherd. Griffey (black dog on the left) is a Lab.
Age – Kila is 9 and Griffey is 3.
Fun fact – Both dogs are very active. They love being outside and enjoying San Diego.

Kila is a big cuddler. All she cares about is being comfortable and being under the blankets. But she loves to in the water. Her favorite beach is Fiesta Island.

Griffey is a big goof ball. He loves following around his sister. When he is not following her around, you can find Griffey with a bone having a good time.



Human – Michael
Age & Bread – Royal, 5 y/o, American Staffordshire terrier (Pitbull).
Fun fact – His nickname is Stinky, loves to chase lizards, and always wants to cuddle.



Human – Kenzie
Age – Gracie (aka Gracie Lou Freebush) is 10.5 years old.
Fun fact – Gracie is a perm-a-pup who loves the camera. Whether it’s getting dolled up, playing with a ball, or dressing up for Halloween, Gracie is all about having fun and enjoying life.



Human – Michael C.
Age & Breed – Lucy is a seven year old Great Dane.
Fun fact – Lucy was the runt of her litter of 13 pups and loves wearing her lifejacket and being on boats.



Sasha & Leo
Human – Christina
Sue (black cat) & Leo (gray cat)
Fun Fact – Sasha is the smaller cat but she is the boss. Period. Leo is the gray cat. He does not eat people food, not even steak – unless it’s pizza. Then he will brazenly take what he wants. I think it is a guy thing.



Human – Kayana.
Age & Breed – Lizzie is 12 years old and is a Springer Spaniel mutt from the pound. I adopted her when I was 15 and she has moved across the country with me twice!
Fun fact – She loves being under the blankets and cuddling and insists on sleeping in bed with me. She ran away a total of 5-6 times in her young and wild years and my roommate calls her “Spy Dog” because she’s always trying to think of a new way out.










Dolce DeLuca
Human – Carly.













Human – Kristie
Age & Breed – 1 year old Greater Swiss Mountain Dog
Fun fact – She is weirdly afraid of Baseball hats, shovels, moving water and wagons but is not afraid of fireworks, moving cars or skateboarders. Her official registered birth name is Margret Kyber Thatcher but she prefers Kyber for short. The name Kyber comes from the crystal they use to make lightsabers in star wars. She is the sweetest, most well intentioned Dodo and I love her more than anything.









Odin & Ruger
Human – Amanda
Odin – South African Boerboel (Mastiff)
Fun Fact – At 200 pounds, he thinks he was a lap dog.



Odin & Ruger
Human – Amanda
Rugar – A 1 year old Rottweiler.
Fun Fact – We rescued this guy a couple months ago, he is about the sweetest dog you’ll ever meet!




Human – Erin