It’s October! A couple things that come to our minds when October comes around: Halloween, MLB playoffs, and Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Most everyone – whether directly or indirectly –has been affected by Breast Cancer. After digging more into Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I found something surprising. October is a bittersweet time for people currently with breast cancer or survivors of breast cancer. Although it is a much needed time to campaign for breast cancer research and awareness, some people may think it’s just a time for companies to abuse the event by marketing themselves, while making it look like they are marketing for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Here is a blurb from the blog, “I Have Breast Cancer”. “I hate #pinktober. The world gets coated with a putrid pig pinkness designed by marketing gurus to make a buck or two off of breast cancer. And how much actually goes back to true breast cancer research, education, and funding for women who need financial assistance during treatment?

The answer is not much compared to percentage of profits and isn’t that true? Someone said to me today that they worry there will never be a cure for breast cancer because marketing and advertising folks would never allow it. Yes, it was jaded and tongue in cheek but seriously, do you need your greasy take out chicken in a pink bucket? Does your cheap liquor taste better with a pink label? And does pink plastic nonsense make recycling more fun? All I am saying is consider charities in the future that are a little more educational.

Education is very key to battling breast cancer. What schools are doing is nice, it brings people together, they wear pink clothes but what have their students actually learned that can help keep them and family members stay healthy? Breast cancer is serious stuff and serious business for pink themed marketing campaigns. Every year I find myself slightly aghast at all of the pink gear….especially when the articles come out regarding the fine print of what actually goes to education, research, and so on….versus profits and pink themed expenses and overhead.

The National Breast Cancer Foundation stated that the disease has a survival rate of 98 percent when it’s detected early. Any type of marketing for breast cancer month should be used exclusively to help promote early detection and to find a cure for the disease. As stated above, it seems everyone has been touched by this disease. Let’s use this month as an opportunity. An opportunity to bring awareness about the importance of continuing to work towards a cure for breast cancer!

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