Wondering if you should hand in your application to travel healthcare companies or any other travel nurse recruiter? Travel nursing allows you to reach many of your nursing goals and provides a world of unique experiences that are difficult to find in full-time staff nursing positions. Having the chance to explore new places, meet new people, and make lifelong memories, all while furthering your career, is almost too good to be true.

Luckily, as our travelers can attest, this can be your reality. Our travelers told us all about their most memorable experiences working with Host Healthcare on assignments across the country.

From the Very First Assignment

Many of our travelers remember their first assignment vividly as it was the first step on their incredible journey. Whether it’s the place, the people, or simply a warm feeling, there is something special about the first assignment.

The Place

Vicki F. was first placed in Albuquerque and quickly fell in love with the city and the environment. It’s no surprise that her most memorable experience was from “the land of enchantment. The food, culture, and my first 9mile hike (that didn’t kill me and made me stronger) were all made possible by Host Healthcare and my awesome recruiter.”

The People

Kasandra B. told us about the bonds that she formed with her coworkers at her first assignment. As she recalled, “when I left, all of the permanent employees and current travelers told me how much they would miss me and that I had made such an impact on their work environment.”

The Feeling

Robin A. described an extra-special part of the job: the feeling of gratification and satisfaction. For her, the “most memorable part has been the feeling of knowing you are actually doing it! That feeling kicked in on the drive here and on the first day on the assignment!”

Friends Who Feel Like Family

Even though you may only be at your assignments for a limited amount of time, the friendships developed there can last a lifetime. Several of our travelers described their most memorable experiences as the new relationships that formed while working as a travel nurse:

  • “The wonderful friends I have made along the way. It’s been really nice to speak to other travelers about their recent assignments and places they have been. It helps me plan out places I would love to visit.” — Diana T.
  • “The memorable experience I have had is the co-workers I met, how they always had my back and made my first travel assignment a success.” — Angie B.
  • “Meeting new people that could become long time friends while getting to be with old friends also.” — April C.

Location, Location, Location

As the name states, one of the best parts of being a travel nurse is the travel. Diving into local cultures and visiting famous landmarks are just the beginning of the memories that can be made while exploring the country.

Kayla W. fondly remembers her favorite assignment in Colorado. “Best views, best nature, best people! And my best friend lives up there! I met so many great people I still call friends while on contract there! I can’t wait to go back!”

Sarah G. had a particularly unique experience while living and working in Nome, Alaska. Due to the remote nature of her assignment, it was “never dark, not connected to the road system, serving 15 native Alaskan villages who do not have their own health care!”

Several of our travelers recalled their memories in more well-known areas:

  • Niki P. was a fan of “exploring NYC on my days off.
  • Tanesha C. loved “being able to visit the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, California.

Exploring Infinite Possibilities

Whether you are enjoying your time with loved ones or stepping out of your comfort zone, travel nursing is sure to provide one-of-a-kind opportunities. Our nurses described some of their most special memories:

  • “Anytime I go somewhere I’ve never been before is the best! I love that traveling gives the opportunity to ‘vacation’ while still working full time. It also almost makes me go places I would never vacation.” — Stefani M.
  • “Getting out of my comfort zone and exploring new places. I think the best thing that has come out of my traveling has been that my 16 yr old (who has Asperger’s) has become more self-sufficient.” — Kristina R.
  • “The most memorable for me is the time I get to spend with my son. We have gone on adventures to see so many cool things on my off days and get to laugh together. — Elisha C.

Make New Memories of Your Own with Host Healthcare

If you’re interested in having experiences like these while pursuing the career that you’re passionate about, apply to be a travel nurse with Host Healthcare. After being paired with an expert recruiter, you will discover the best locations and positions for you.

Your travel nursing experience will be tailored to your personal and professional preferences so that you can make lasting memories. 

Discover your next best career decision with Host Healthcare.