There are many perks of travel healthcare jobs. From the higher salary, to the reimbursements, to the traveling. However, there are other perks of travel healthcare jobs. Depending on the travel staffing agency you work with there can be several amazing perks of travel healthcare jobs. At Host Healthcare, we are pleased to partner with Benefits Hub and offer discounts to several services and events.

What are some of your favorite entertainment activities? How about your favorite restaurants? From automotive services, to shopping, and everything in between, at Host Healthcare we are excited to offer amazing perks to our travel nurses and travel therapists. One of the best parts with Benefits Hub, is there are always hundreds of unique offers based on your location. Taking a 13-week assignment in Anaheim? Enjoy ticket discounts at Disneyland. What if you then take a 13-week assignment in Dallas? You can save tickets enjoying the Dallas Opera.

This is just one of the perks for travel healthcare jobs with Host Healthcare. Of course, the perks of travel healthcare jobs don’t stop there when you work with Host Healthcare. We are proud to offer some of the best benefits in the industry to our travelers.

Earn Top Compensation. We believe in compensating our travel healthcare professionals generously with excellent pay. That is why we can offer the highest pay in the industry.

Day 1 Benefits. You might be asking yourself what is so unique with this perk? While most companies offer day 1 medical, dental, and vision benefits, one of the perks of travel healthcare jobs with Host Healthcare is a traveler may take up to 30 days off between assignments and still maintain health benefits.

Plethora of Reimbursements. We are proud to offer license, travel, tuition, and scrub reimbursements for our travelers. At Host Healthcare, your career is important to us. When you take a travel nurse assignment with Host Healthcare or a travel therapy assignment with Host Healthcare we will reimburse you for several expenses.

Hopefully after reading this article you are able to see the several perks of travel healthcare jobs with Host Healthcare.

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