There is no shortage of places for travel nurses or travel therapists to visit on assignment. From coast to coast, travelers can see many amazing places. We asked some of our travel nurses and travel therapists of their favorite places they visit while on assignment. Check out some popular places to visit on assignment.

People Love The West Coast

Oliver who had previous travel nurse jobs Hawaii recommends Hawaii and Lake Tahoe as can’t miss places. “I really enjoy hiking and being around nature. That is why to me there is no better place than the Hawaiian island and Lake Tahoe.”

Adam, one of our travel physical therapist, highly recommends Crater Lake. “Crater Lake is as pretty a place as I have ever seen. We were lucky to visit on a clear day with no wind, and the water is a deeper shade of blue than you would believe is possible.”

Travel therapist Hayleigh loves checking out all the National Parks and experiencing nature. “Traveling has allowed us to visit and revisit so many National Parks that we wouldn’t have been able to spend as much time in otherwise.”

Hiking Anyone?

“I love Stowe, Vermont because of the amazing hikes,” says Morgan. “There is also a very cool place called Gables Inn with a cute puppy named Mickey who will great you at check you.”

Sarah and Neil, a pair of travel nurses, recommend all the great hiking in North Carolina. “We love Mount Mitchell and Pilot Mountain and just driving along, hiking and watching the leaves turn in the fall.

Check Out Some National Parks

Travel nurse Paige recommends everyone check out Glacier National Park. “I recommend everyone National Park. It is such a beautiful place. I recommend everyone go there.”

Travel nurse Lauren enjoyed seeing all the National Parks on her assignment. “On my road trip from NJ to CA, I got to see the Grand Canyon at sunrise. I then made a trip to hike throughout Yosemite National Park and Emigrant Wilderness which have been some of my favorite places to go while on assignment.”

Traveler Sierra recommends spending time in Colorado. “My favorite place to visit on assignment is the Rocky Mountain National Park. It was pretty incredible.”

Popular Places To Visit On Assignment

Hopefully you enjoyed reading some popular places to visit during your next assignment. If you have any recommendations, feel free to share them with us.

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