At Host Healthcare, we are on a mission to help others live better. A big part of that mission is ensuring we always put the needs of our Healthcare Travelers first. We are proud to say that BluePipes has officially validated our years of dedication to our Travel Healthcare professionals by recognizing Host Healthcare as the #1 travel healthcare company in the United States in 2020. While we’ve placed within the top 3 positions before, this year we are honored to be the #1 travel nursing agency!

In fact, we didn’t just place #1, we are #1 by a long shot. More than 5 points ahead of the #2 company on the list. (summary of top 5 healthcare travel staffing companies scores shown below)

From the moment Travelers begin with Host Healthcare, they are given the highest level of care and attention from recruiters, receiving tailored job searches and pay packages. Host Healthcare leverages a high-touch approach where the traveler-recruiter relationship is central to the Traveler’s experience, with ongoing direct access to his or her recruiter

Today, our unparalleled service and dedication have once again been recognized by BluePipes’s list of “Most reputable travel nursing companies.”

After years of hard work and dedication, we have finally reached the number one spot as the best travel nursing agency in the United States. Our team has worked tirelessly to provide the best service possible to our healthcare community. Today we are proud to say that our efforts have not gone unnoticed.

About BluePipes

This networking platform helps thousands of healthcare professionals with employee onboarding and management solutions. This platform allows job seekers to create individual profiles that they can use to send out their resumes and review unique travel therapist and travel nursing job opportunities in their area. BluePipes also offers a variety of different resources for its customers such as clinical record management tools, skills checklist, and availability announcements, helping healthcare professionals find a perfect fit for their career. Today, thousands of healthcare professionals trust and use BluePipes as a leading networking platform for the medical field. 

How the BluePipes Scores Are Calculated:

BluePipes conducts extensive research, comparing the top travel nursing agency sites on the web.

BluePipes has been aggregating the reviews of travel nursing companies from the most trusted review sources for years. Each year, BluePipes looks at the number of reviews and the overall score for each company. BluePipes analyzes each individual review source separately, using the 6 most respected review sources for travel nursing agencies:

Rating Services We Aggregate

  1. Google Reviews
  2. Glassdoor
  3. Highway Hypodermics
  4. Travel Nursing Central
  5. Facebook Reviews
  6. Indeed

BluePipes then runs a calculation that aggregates the scores into one weighted average score. In doing so, the calculation converts all the scores to a 100-point scale. Then, the spreadsheet calculates two “Difference Scores”, comparing the current year to the previous year. This way, BluePipes can reward companies that achieve score increases from one year to the next. Alternatively, BluePipes also penalizes companies that show score decreases across the review sources. This way the BluePipes list illustrates how the companies performed over the last year. For more details on the calculation visit the BluePipes Best Travel Nursing Companies in 2020 article. 

About Host Healthcare

Host Healthcare is a high-touch travel healthcare career platform that closely partners with healthcare professionals to take their careers to the next level. Our dedicated team works side-by-side with both our travel healthcare professionals and healthcare facilities to build real relationships built on trust and mutual respect. Our platform also allows professionals to access thousands of new career opportunities within their field of work. From the mountains of Colorado to the beaches of Hawaii, Host Healthcare offers some of the best travel nurse positions at the top healthcare facilities across the United States. Plus, our website offers a wide variety of resources for future travel nurses to educate themselves on what’s to come in their travel nursing assignment ahead. 

Why Choose Host Healthcare

At Host Healthcare, we strive every day to exceed the expectations of our travel nursing professionals. Not only have we been recognized by BluePipes as the #1 Travel Healthcare company in the U.S., but we’ve also received praise and awards as one of the best places to work from several reputable publications including Inc. Magazine, Modern Healthcare, and the San Diego Business Journal. 

Our high-touch, personalized service and focus on forming relationships built on trust and mutual respect are the reasons for our success within the travel nursing industry. Our team of dedicated staff members recognizes that all types of nurses have different needs and we strive to help every individual find the perfect placement for their circumstances. We take the time to understand each healthcare professional’s personal and career goals, that way we can help them find an ideal travel assignment that will set them up for long-term success in their nursing career. 

We know that moving to a new city can be scary. That’s why our dedicated travel experience specialists and recruiters walk all of our travelers through the entire process from start to finish, ensuring they are comfortable and prepared for their future career as a travel nurse. Why? Because we know that’s what it takes to help others live better! And that’s how we can make a positive impact on the healthcare industry, one healthcare professional at a time. 

Making a Difference With Host Healthcare

If you are considering a career as a travel nurse, you can trust in Host Healthcare. With years of experience and thousands of happy healthcare professionals using our service, we are confident that you’ll have a positive and enjoyable travel experience working with our nurse recruiter team.