Picture your ideal travel nursing job. Is it somewhere on the Hawaiian Islands? Maybe it’s in a big city. Wherever your ideal travel nursing job is, our recruiters share their secrets to getting the travel nurse job you want.

Recruiters Share Their Secrets To Getting The Travel Nurse Job You Want

“Book early,” says Host Healthcare recruiter Erin Sills. “Popular travel nurse jobs book fast. So if you have a specific job in mind, be ready to book early.”

“Plan your year,” says Host Healthcare recruiter Caitlin Pullen. “Since most travel nurse jobs are 13-weeks long, you can assume you will have a new assignment every 3 months or so. If you want to be somewhere warm during the winter, plan for it.”

“Prioritize what’s important to you,” says Host Healthcare recruiter Brendan Haire. “There are so many things to consider when selecting a travel nurse assignment. Between weather, pay, location, and shifts, many nurses might want everything perfect. But if you have 3 of your top 4 wish list items in an assignment, take it.”

“Build your experience,” says Host Healthcare recruiter Hunter Hopkins. “Nurses with more experience tend to get the better jobs because they are more appealing to facilities. I tell my nurses to take jobs now that help them get the jobs they want in the future.”

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