Every year, thousands of therapists across the country help children in schools. School travel therapy jobs offer so many benefits to any travel Occupational Therapist or Speech-Language Pathologist. It can be very rewarding to your profession and an ideal career. This article will outline the benefits of school travel therapy jobs for OTs or SLPs.

Benefits of School Travel Therapy Jobs

Working in schools is a fantastic way to practice your skills, expand your setting experience and travel the U.S. We asked several of our school travel therapists of their favorite benefits of school travel therapy jobs.

  • 39-Week Long Contact. Most travel occupational therapist or travel speech-language pathologist assignments are 13-weeks long. However, school travel therapy jobs are 39-weeks long. In addition, we hardly, if ever, see school travel therapy jobs get cancelled. Taking a school travel therapy job is an excellent way to take an assignment without the fear of getting cancelled.
  • Helping the Lives of Children. Most school travel therapists take these jobs for more than superficial benefits. They have a passion for helping children and making a life-long difference in children’s lives. It’s a passion to help them in important subjects like English, math, and other vital skills.
  • Schedule Perks. Enjoying the schedule is certainly a benefit most school travel therapists enjoy. Like other teachers, school travel therapists follow the school day schedule. Your day stars and ends when the bell rings. You have weekends and holidays off. Oh, and there is that summer break that most school travel therapists look forward to.
  • The True Travel Experience. As previously stated, most travel occupational therapist jobs or speech-language pathologist jobs are 13-weeks long. That time can go fast, especially if you love the city you are working in. As a school travel therapist, you can do a bit more exploring. See the sights, meet new people, and immerse yourself in the new city.
  • Getting to See Progression. Being that you are with students for almost 9 months, you really get to see your work paying off. Our school travel therapists talk about how rewarding it is to meet a student on day 1 and then see that student grow.

School Travel Therapy Jobs

School are everywhere. You probably pass by schools on your drive to work or exploring your city. That means there are plenty of opportunities for any travel occupational therapist or travel speech-language pathologists. At Host Healthcare, we are currently receiving school travel therapy jobs and actively staffing candidates. While you can take a school travel therapy job in every state, we have two states that are booming in opportunities.

  • School Travel Therapy Jobs in Alaska. Our nation’s largest and most sparsely populated state has a growing demand for school travel therapy jobs. Alaska is a great destination for travel therapists. Major cities like Anchorage and Juneau offer fun activities for travelers. Plus there are plenty of national parks and glacier tours; things that you can only do in Alaska.
  • School Travel Therapy Jobs In California. The Golden State has no shortage of benefits for any school occupational therapist or school speech-language pathologist. Love the big cities? We can place you in school travel therapy jobs in some of California’s most exciting cities. Prefer to be away from the crowd? We have plenty of school travel therapy jobs in California that are in more rural areas.

Host Healthcare School Travel Therapy Jobs

Hopefully after reading this article you are interested in school travel therapy jobs. School-based therapists play a critical role in children’s development and happiness, making the career path incredibly fulfilling. At Host Healthcare, we can help find your place in public, private, or special education schools in locations perfect for you.

Reach out to your recruiter or fill out the form below. Host Healthcare offers an extensive list of travel therapy jobs or call one of our friendly travel therapy recruiters at (800) 585-1299.