Part of the fun traveling is showing people. Collecting souvenirs from each place you have been on assignment is a fun way to show off where you have traveled, and also help you remember where you’ve been if you’re a seasoned traveler. Here are some ways to show off your assignments.

1. Christmas ornaments – Collect ornaments that say the city and state of where you’ve been. Maybe even get the ones that you can put a picture in, and put a scenery picture or a picture of you and your buds on assignment.

2. Maps – Map art is becoming more and more popular. You can be so creative with them. Pinterest some map art ideas and use maps of the places you’ve traveled.

3. T-shirts – Grabbing a T-shirt with the city and state you traveled to will always be a great souvenir. You can either wear the shirts, or make a quilt with them, etc.

4. Photos – OF COURSE, taking pictures of the places you’ve been is always recommended. It’s the easiest and most authentic way to show where you’ve been! You can set aside a wall in your home to display these pictures, or make an album.

5. Post cards – Collecting post cards was my go-to as a child when travelling with my family. For some reason, it’s so amusing to pick out which postcard you want to keep. You can make a photo album out of them, or a little keychain book. Pinterest postcard crafts.

6. Drinking glasses/mugs –Your cabinet will always be stocked of entertaining cups/mugs! This is probably the easiest and most effortless souvenir.

7. Charm bracelet – Self-explanatory! These are great (…for women)!

8. Shells/sand – If you travel to the coasts more often than not, collecting sand and/or shells would be perfect for you. You can get great bottles to put them in and label which places they came from.

9. Magnets – Another easy and effortless souvenir. These are obviously easy to display, and useful, too.

10. Local art – If you’re an art-lover, finding fun local art at fairs, etc., would be a great option for you. You can set aside a wall and put paintings and such of the places you’ve traveled.

11. Books – I think seeing interesting coffee table books in people homes give it a personal flair. If you start collecting too many for your coffee table, make a small library just for the places you’ve traveled on assignment.