Travel therapy jobs come with a lot of benefits. You can see the world, meet new people, and gain amazing experience. However, there are a few travel therapy jobs myths that we would like to discuss. This article is to outline the truth about travel therapy and debunk six travel therapy jobs myths.

Six Travel Therapy Jobs Myths: Physical Therapy Jobs Are On The Decline

The healthcare industry is seeing record growth and demand for jobs. With an aging population and more focus on personal health, healthcare jobs are growing at a high rate. The same is said for physical therapy jobs. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, physical therapy jobs are expected to grow by 28%, much faster than the average. That growth will also impact the growth in travel therapy jobs. The fact is, if you want to work as a travel therapist there are plenty of opportunities.

Six Travel Therapy Jobs Myths: You need experience before getting a travel therapy job

Unlike travel nursing, you don’t need experience before getting a travel therapy job. Our expert recruiters can place you in an outstanding travel therapy job right after you graduated with an industry specific degree. Now that experience won’t get in your way, check out some great travel therapy destinations. There are also some amazing new grad benefits we offer as a travel therapy company. Get your tuition reimbursed, license reimbursement, and free CEUs to name a few. Check out other travel therapy benefits.

Six Travel Therapy Jobs Myths: Travel OTs have less options in regards to the setting they work in

False! As a travel OT, you will have the same options as a permanent Occupational Therapist. You can work in any setting you want. As a travel OT, you will be able to work with all ages and abilities.

Six Travel Therapy Jobs Myths: Travel therapy won’t help you professionally

Being a travel therapist offers plenty of opportunities to grow your career. As travel therapy director Jordan Lerner states, “Travel therapy can be a great stepping stone for individuals. I had a new grad physical therapist I was working with who had aspirations to work at the Mayo Clinic. After working for two years as a travel PT and a few perm assignments after, I am happy to say he reached his goal and is working at the Mayo Clinic.”

Six Travel Therapy Jobs Myths: You make less money as a travel therapist

This is one the biggest myths we come across with. People think that when you move from one job to another as a travel therapist that you end up making less money. That is untrue. The median compensation for permanent therapists is $78,810 per year. Many travel therapists with experience earn $100,000 per year when all benefits and allowances are included.

Six Travel Therapy Jobs Myths: You won’t make life lasting friendships as you move around as a travel therapist

Another myth we educate people on. As a travel therapist, you will have the ability to meet so many people. From professional colleagues, to personally friendships. These opportunities can open doors to a permanent job or a lifelong friend. We have even had travel therapists who ended up falling in love and marrying each other. You just never know who you will meet as a travel therapist.

Hopefully after reading this article you have realized that being a travel therapist would be an outstanding career. The people you will meet, the opportunities to grow your career you will have, and the money you will make are a few of some of the benefits of travel therapy. Want to learn more benefits of travel therapy? Check out these 10 hidden benefits of travel therapy.

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