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“Have had a great experience with Host. My recruiter Amanda Anguiano is the best. Not only is she quick to respond to questions or concerns, she is very knowledgeable and helpful. Would definitely recommend Host and Amanda for future travel opportunities.”

“Sky Woroszylo and Host healthcare have been wonderful to work with! Sky goes the extra mile and really gives you a personal experience! I would recommend him to anyone looking to travel anywhere! I will definitely continue to keep using him and Host in the future!”

“Host Healthcare offers great health benefits for my spouse and I. I have worked with 3-4 different travel agencies and Host is by far the top agency. Plus, Erin is a fabulous recruiter who how’s above and beyond trying to locate me and get me a job that fits my needs. :)”

“Met Sky at NTI this year and signed up with Host Healthcare. They’ve been a great team to work with, very helpful and transparent. They really care about you and don’t make you feel like a number like some big travel corporations.”

Christie Howard“If your looking for a company and recruiter that is there for you through thick and thin…then look no further! Miranda at Host Healthcare has walked me through the process of finding the right position in the location of my choice and supported me in every way possible. She amazing!”

“Host Healthcare and my recruiter Brendan are very helpful with the process of finding a suitable assignment but then continually check in with you to make sure you are having a positive experience with your travel assignment. Brendan always calls me back quickly, is very supportive and answers all my questions.Staff is very friendly and genuinely seem to have your best interest at heart and don’t make you feel like a number or dollar sign. Highly recommend them.”

“My recruiter is fantastic. She is very knowledgeable, helpful, provides guidance during some of the most difficult & high stress situations, great housing options/stipends, great facilities (including teaching hospitals, trauma centers, etc.). Any payroll questions are answered within 24 hours, you get paid weekly, the relocation stipends are pretty good, and if you aren’t happy or comfortable with something, there is never any pressure to sign or move forward. Highly recommended. ”

“I have worked for several travel agencies now in the past 3 years, and I must say, Host has been the best recruiting experience so far. They were very prompt with responding to emails and disseminating information for the hiring process and getting me set up with each new position. My recruiter has been very polite, personable, and helpful each step of the way. If you want a smooth experience as a new or experienced traveler, I suggest Host!”

“I started traveling just this year(2017), and it has been quite an experience. Host Healthcare has supported me and has answered all of my questions promptly, along the way. With all of the licensing and paperwork involved, sometimes I need some experienced guidance. In those situations, I call Host Healthcare and they help me make sure that I’m getting the right things done at the right time. I highly recommend Host Healthcare, whether you’re an experienced traveler or a brand new traveler.”

Emily Elizabeth“I did 3 travel assignments with Host and my lovely recruiter Erin S. What drew me to Host and Erin was the fact that Erin’s sister was a traveling OT for the company. Erin was always 100% honest, she worked hard to find me assignments in my preferred location, and I never had a longer than 1 week between assignments. She was always available via text and email, and she and the company were always prompt and communicated very well. I would recommend this company for any traveler!!”

Casey Alexander“My recruiter Brendan Haire is absolutely amazing! He has worked with me every step of the way. This company really works with you to find exactly what you need and want. They also do their best to match any other company. I have nothing but good things to say about my recruiter and this company.”

“I have worked with Host Healthcare for 6 months. I am so glad I found this company. The pay rates are very competitive. Let’s face it we all talk pay, and I find that I make as much if not more than other nurses with other agencies. The recruiters are great, especially Amanda Anguiano. She is very responsive and makes sure that all my needs and concerns are addressed. I highly recommend Host Healthcare!”

“I started my journey as a travel nurse this year. My recruiter, Skye, has gone above and beyond in helping me find assignments, answering any & all questions, and basically being there for me 24-7!!!!! I would highly recommend Host Healthcare!”

“Like many of you I get inundated with phone calls, text messages and emails daily from agencies that I ignore. I was happy and not looking to change agencies. Then I happen to speak to Amanda Anguiano, with Host Healthcare and everything changed. Over the phone she made me feel like she cared about me and what I wanted to do. She spent the time to explain why what Host Healthcare had to offer was a better fit for me. She works with me and my schedule and never under delivers. I now consider her both my agent and friend. Take the Leap of Faith!!

“I’m an ER nurse currently on a great assignment thanks to Sky Woroszylo and Host Healthcare. Sky is by far the best recruiter I’ve worked with. He is professional, honest, and up front. On the other hand, Sky has also taken the time to get to know me on a bit of a personal level. He walks me though my entire thought process to really get down to figuring out why I’m thinking what I’m thinking and what I want in an assignment. I look forward to working with Sky and Host Healthcare for many more assignments!”

“Finishing my first travel nursing assignment with Host now and about to start my second assignment with them in a few days. I did a lot of research on agencies before starting travel nursing and I really wanted to make sure I picked one that would listen to my needs and be available to help anytime if needed. Nicole has been a great resource and has helped me every step along the way of this first assignment. I’m excited for my next assignment with Host and would definitely recommend them to all my nursing friends”

“I have been working with Host Healthcare for 2 years now and this company has been a pleasure to work with. From helping me get all of my certifications, licenses, etc in order to answering all of my questions, the staff is always patient, encouraging and informative. Kaylan Duffy has been my recruiter since day one. She has always worked hard at finding the perfect contract for me. She has never pressured me to take a contract not suited for me nor has she ever tried to “sell” me as something I’m not. She Listens to me, she is honest, and she is dependable. Host has a great benefit package also. I love working for this company and look forward to continuing this adventure with Host by my side!”

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