Summer is only a few months away. That means more barbecues, trips to the water, and plenty of time to enjoy the outdoors. As a travel therapist, you can enjoy many wonderful places during the summer. But where? To help you with this important decision, we have created our list of the 15 best summer locations for travel therapists. We researched climate, activities, and demand to create our list of the 15 best summer locations for travel therapists.

The 15 Best Summer Locations For Travel Therapists

15) Redding, CA. Kicking off our list of the 15 best summer locations for travel therapists is Redding, CA. Located in beautiful Northern California, Redding is a picturesque location. For starters, the Sundial Bridge is a beautiful suspension bridge that spans the Sacramento River. From there, head over to Whiskeytown Lake and enjoy water activities plus camping. In terms of work, Redding is a growing area for travel therapist demand. You are also close to big cities like Sacramento that expand your opportunities.

14) Fort Myers, FL. Florida is certainly a popular state for travel therapists. While most think of cities like Miami and Orlando, Fort Myers is seeing rapid growth in recent years. Places like Lee Memorial Health Systems are very welcoming to travel therapists. During your free time, be sure to check out historic homes like Edison and Ford Winter Estates and Murphy-Burroughs House. If you are interested in learning more about travel nursing jobs in Florida, Host Healthcare can help find your next summer assignment.

13) New York, NY. It should be no surprise that New York makes a list of the best locations. With great places to visit such as the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, and Central Park you will have no shortage of activities to experience in New York. Few cities provide the demand for travel therapists that New York provides.

12) Philadelphia, PA. Staying on the east coast we find our next city. The City of Brotherly Love offers so many activities for a Pennsylvania travel therapist during the summer. There are sporting events, concerts, and festivals. For any history buffs out there, Philadelphia is second to none when it comes to our nation’s history. Places like Einstein Medical Center are great locations for travel therapists in Philly.

11) Los Angeles, CA. Rounding out the top 15 cities in Los Angeles. LA has plenty to offer any travel therapist. From beaches, to food, to shopping, and sporting events, there is no shortage of things to do in LA. It’s no wonder that travel nurse jobs in California are highly sought after.

10) Chicago, IL. Who cares if there’s no ocean in Chicago? People still find beachy fun on the lakeshores, soaking up rays and spiking volleyballs. Well what travel nurse jobs in Chicago opportunities are there? Whether you are a PT, OT, or SLP you will have plenty of opportunity in the Windy City. Give it a shot. You will see why Chicago makes our list of the 15 best summer locations for travel therapists.

9) Washington, DC. The national landmark, museums, and fine dining restaurants makes DC a spot you should certainly try to work this summer. Learn more about travel therapy jobs and travel nursing jobs in Washington D.C. and the surrounding area. Cities like Baltimore have plenty of travel PT, OT, and SLP jobs.

8) Anchorage, AK. Most travel experts would say that summer is the best and only time to visit Alaska. Anchorage is certainly a cannot miss location for any travel therapist. Places like Providence Extended Care Center is known as a great place for travel therapists. Outside of the office, be sure to visit the Kenai Fjords National Park and Mount McKinley. Browse through our extensive list of travel nursing Alaska jobs available and call one of our professional recruiters.

7) Portland, ME. Portland, Maine has some amazing sites to see. If you’re on a travel nursing assignment in Maine and looking to admire the splendor of Maine’s lovely landscapes, there are plenty of options for you. Start by heading to Eastern Promenade and then plan a daytrip to the Casco Bay Islands or Cape Elizabeth.

6) Denver, CO. Coming in at 6th in our list of the 15 best summer locations for travel therapists is Denver, Colorado. Denver has some amazing hiking and mountain biking trails for the outdoor adventure traveler. There are also plenty of fun festivals like the Chalk Art Festival and Buffalo Bill Days. No matter the setting, Denver has something for every travel therapist.

5) Portland, OR. The 5th city on our list of the 15 best summer locations for travel therapists is Portland, Oregon. From great food, cafes, microbeers, Portland has plenty of cool summer foods and drinks for you. After you have had some good and something to drink, there are plenty of great hiking or biking locations. There are plenty of travel nurse or travel PT assignments in Oregon for all specialties in all settings. If you are open to living in Portland but working in a nearby city, opportunities this summer won’t be an issue for you.

4) San Francisco, CA. Staying on the west coast is where we find our next city. San Francisco is a great place for any travel therapist this summer. The weather is perfect, plenty of great food options, with so many activities. Like most large cities, the demand for travel therapists in the City by the Bay is sky high. Whether you are an OT, PT, or SLP, you should not have any problems finding a great assignment in San Francisco this summer.

3) San Diego, CA. San Diego ranks third on our list of the 15 best summer locations for travel therapists. For starters, San Diego is called American’s Finest City. The weather here year-round is perfect but makes it even more desirable during the summer when some cities hit triple digits or have humidity. Enjoy the beaches, the food, and the plenty of work opportunities in San Diego this summer.

2) Boston, MA. Our second rank city for the 15 best summer locations for travel therapists is Boston. This historical, coastal town features a little something to do for everyone. Go catch a baseball game at Fenway Park. Check out the Freedom Trail, which consists of historic sites like the Paul Revere House and Old North Church. And there are plenty of opportunities in and around the city for those on a travel therapy and travel nurse assignment in Massachusetts!

1) Seattle, WA. We have finally reached the end of our list. The top city in our list of the 15 best summer locations for travel therapists is Seattle, Washington. The weather is cool, there are plenty of activities, great food, and needs for travel therapists. We have also seen a lot of travel therapists make Seattle their location for multiple summers. This could be your new summer destination if you’re looking for a Washington travel nurse assignment.

While there are plenty of great cities to spend your summer assignments, this is our list of the top places. Hopefully you enjoyed our list of the 15 best summer locations for travel therapists. If you are interested in traveling to one of these locations, reach out to your traveler or fill out the form below.

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