If you are interested in becoming a travel therapist great. You should. Being a travel therapist is a rewarding career. Not only does it come with several benefits, it can also grow your career. However, like any career, there are challenges any travel therapist will face. That is why we created the list of the 5 biggest challenges new travel therapists face.

The 5 Biggest Challenges New Travel Therapists Face

Finding The Right Travel Therapy Agency/Recruiter. There are a lot of travel therapy agencies. Even more travel therapy recruiters. While it is common to work with a few travel therapy agencies, you still want to find the right travel therapy agency. Be sure you do your own research. Ask other travel therapists or Google top travel therapy agencies.

Moving Away From Home. As a travel therapist, you are on the move every 3-months. It can be scary to be away from home. However, there are plenty of ways travel therapists help being away from home. Have your friends or family come visit you, bring sentimental things with you, or make new friends. Here is a list of 15 tips to beat homesickness as a travel therapist.

Meeting New People. As a travel therapist, you are always meeting new people. Whether you work with them, treat them, live near them, or meet them exploring your new city, you will always meet new people. This sometimes be a challenge for travel therapists. The key is to find common ground with people you meet, allowing you to make new friends.

Working With New People. Every place you work will be different. There might not be a lot of difference with systems but when you pickup and move to your travel therapist assignment, odds are you will be working with new people. The key is to observe how your new colleagues work so that you can fit into the facility culture.

Getting Your New License. Until the compact therapy license expands, you will more than likely need a new license when you take your first travel therapy assignment. But don’t worry. Your travel therapy recruiter will be able to help guide you through the license process for your state. The good news when you work with Host Healthcare is your dedicated recruiter is knowledgeable about license for all states. Even better, we will reimburse your license when you work with Host Healthcare.

Hopefully you enjoyed reading this article of the 5 biggest challenges new travel therapists face. But rest assured, you will be fine.

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