Imagine having a rewarding career and job satisfaction, along with ample time off during the summer. Sounds like the perfect gig, right? The benefits of travel SLP jobs in school are plentiful. At Host Healthcare, we have plenty of travel SLP jobs in schools. And now is the perfect time to find your ideal travel SLP job in a school setting. We are receiving a lot of job orders from schools looking to hire SLPs. Check out the benefits of travel SLP jobs in school and top locations.

The Benefits of Travel SLP Jobs in Schools

From professional to personally, there are so many benefits of travel SLP jobs in school settings. Here are the top four benefits we hear from past SLP school travelers.

  • Helping out kids in need. Need we say more?
  • The length of the contract. While most travel jobs are 13-weeks long, school SLP jobs are much longer. The average school year is 36 weeks long.
  • As a SLP in school, you will receive a lot of great experience. In addition, you will learn skills like patience and how to work with a variety of children; some with specific needs. The experience you receive will help you with your career.
  • Then there’s the personal benefits. You get summers off and the opportunity to visit family and friends and travel around the country.

Top Locations for School Setting SLP Travelers

There is a growing need for SLPs in schools, but location does play a factor in things like job opportunities and pay. Rural areas historically are among the hardest to staff but typically offer the most money compared to suburban areas. At Host Healthcare, while we can staff you in several states, the #1 state we see a need is California. If you are looking for a travel SLP job in school located in California, we can help you.


Hopefully you can see benefits of travel SLP jobs in school are plentiful. You are helping out kids in need, growing your career, and able to enjoy summer vacation.

If you want to learn more, please contact Host Healthcare or reach out to your recruiter. We would love to help you.

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