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A great pair of scrubs can have a big impact on your comfort level throughout the day. As a travel nurse, you’ll probably be logging long shifts while out on assignment. Sometimes access to amenities such as an iron to straighten out any wrinkles can be limited, which means you’ll need scrubs that are easy to care for and wrinkle-free. Your scrubs also need to be durable, comfortable, affordable, and of course, stain-resistant for those difficult shifts. Antimicrobial scrubs are also a plus for a scrub brand.

Finding the best scrub brands for travel nurses or nursing jobs can be a challenge, which is why we’ve compiled this list of our favorite scrubs for travel nurses. We’ve prioritized the features that a al professional like you needs, while still being mindful for fits that complement your physique and styles that you’ll love.


If you’re not new to the nursing industry you have probably heard of Cherokee Uniform’s line of scrubs. Cherokee has been producing medical uniforms since 1972, and their Original line remains a staple of nurses around the country. But as travel nurses, you need a bit more from your scrubs. That’s where the Cherokee Infinity scrub line comes in.

The Infinity line has scrubs and accessories for both genders that incorporate modern fabrics and fits to give you the scrubs you need as a travel nurse today. The Certainty fabric used in the Infinity line features a 4-way stretch scrub for freedom of movement. You’ll have all-day comfort thanks to the moisture-wicking fabric, and the antimicrobial treatment will ensure your Cherokee scrubs stay fresh over time. The Certainty fabric is also wrinkle-free, so these scrubs will be ready to go out of your suitcase on day one of your assignment.

The Infinity line has some great cuts that move away from the boxy shape of traditional scrubs. Men searching for a traditional look with a modern cut should check out their Tapered Leg Drawstring Pant, while women searching for a more sporty look might consider their Mid Rise Jogger Pant – they offer some of the best scrubs for women on the market! At under $40.00, these scrubs are not only stylish but affordable, so be sure to grab a couple of pairs in different colors!


If you’re looking for the best scrubs for women, the WonderWink Four-Stretch line can be a great place to start. This line checks all the boxes for a traveling nurse or healthcare worker that needs a great pair of scrubs that don’t break the bank. The Four-Stretch line utilizes a 100% polyester fabric to create scrubs that are easy to care for and durable. From a nursing scrub top with a chest pen pocket to a scrub pant with an elastic waistband, this company has medical scrubs for everyone. There is also a variety of unisex scrubs to choose from.

Scrubs from the Four-Stretch line don’t shrink, resist fades and stains, and come out of the dryer effortlessly wrinkle-free. You’ll stay cool no matter where your assignments are with the breathable, quick-drying fabric.

The Four-Stretch line has a more modern fit than some of the boxy alternatives, with pant options including a straight-leg cargo pant, a flare cut that is slim through the thighs, and a cargo drawstring pant. There are no shortage of fun prints in scrub tops as well, allowing you to express yourself while on assignment.

Pants and tops in the Four-Stretch line are $27.00 and under, making these nursing scrubs an affordable and accessible choice if you want to stock up.

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Figs brand scrubs are designed with the needs of modern nurses in mind. All of the Figs scrubs lines leave behind bulky outdated fits and replace them with a sleek, fitted look that remains functional. The Men’s and Women’s Core lines are a great place to start. The women’s Core line has straight leg, skinny, cargo, and jogger pant cuts, while the men’s line has jogger, straight, and cargo options. Tops in the core lines have a tailored fit and options from 1-3 pockets.

Figs scrubs have all the features that travel nurses need. Their proprietary FIONx fabric is not only soft to the touch but is also moisture-wicking and features an antimicrobial treatment. All Figs scrubs are wrinkle-free, so you’ll never have to worry about whether your scrubs are ready to go for your next shift. The FIONx fabric also features four-way stretch, so these scrubs are ready to move with you no matter what happens throughout your shift.

A great part about Figs scrubs is that no matter what body-type you are, there’s sure to be a fit for you. Unlike most other brands, Figs offer short and tall options for men, as well as petite, tall, and maternity women’s scrubs. Pants in the Figs Core line start at $46.00, and tops start at $38.00.


Jaanuu offers nursing scrubs for both men and women that come in modern cuts with the features that busy travelers need at a relatively affordable price point. Sets in their Classics collections start at $65 and pieces come in a variety of colors, with new seasonal colors added regularly to their most popular lines. The addition of petite, tall, and extended options for women, or tall and short options for men, ensure that everyone can find a fit for them.

Aside from the modern, tailored style that is infused throughout every piece in the Jaanuu catalog, Jaanuu scrubs have a number of features that make them great for busy travelers. Jaanuu scrubs feature a two-way stretch fabric that is soft, comfortable and moves with you. The fabric is moisture-wicking, so you’ll stay cool and dry on your shifts. Jaanuu scrubs are treated with SILVADUR, which uses low levels of silver to block the absorption of unsavory odors and targets enzymes to prevent the production of bad odors. Best of all, Jaanuu scrubs are fade-resistant and wrinkle-free, so your scrubs will look the exact same assignment after assignment.

Jaanuu scrubs offer a great balance between a relatively affordable price point, modern flattering fits and a fabric that works for you rather than against you. With a wide range of color and fit options available, you’ll be sure to find a set of scrubs that will work for you.


Uniform Advantage offers men’s and women’s lines of scrubs in a wide variety of cuts and colors at a low price point. The women’s and men’s Butter-Soft STRETCH line of scrubs is a great place for travelers to start. These scrubs feature a two-way stretch, wrinkle-resistant fabric that is perfect for low-maintenance travel scrubs.

There are a dizzying array of options in both tops and bottoms, with pants available in straight, yoga, jogger, drawstring, and cargo fits for both men and women. You’ll even be able to find hybrid fits that aren’t available with other brands, such as the cargo-jogger. With maternity, petite, plus size, and tall options, finding a fit that works for your body type won’t be a problem. Tops come in the same technical fabric as their pants, and feature a wide variety of prints and colors. They also have great jackets to choose from.

Uniform Advantage pants in their stretch collections are $25.00 and under, and tops range up to $22.00, making these a very affordable option for the fit and features that you get.


All of the brands we’ve outlined use a fabric that is soft to the touch, yet flexible enough to move with you throughout the day. We’ve stayed away from traditional cotton since 100% cotton scrubs tend to take on wrinkles while out on assignment. Cotton can also cling and bind if you have broken a sweat or are working in a humid environment, whereas technical fabrics like those found in Fig and Jaanuu brand scrubs will move with you and keep you cool and dry throughout the day.

If your primary concern is comfort, it’s important to find a pair of scrubs that fit your body type. That’s why we love brands that provide options for all body types, including plus size, maternity, and tall or short lengths. To find the most comfortable scrubs for you, we recommend paying close attention to the sizing charts and reviews. Don’t be afraid to experiment with fits until you find the right one for you!


At Host Healthcare, we know how important it is for our travelers to feel comfortable throughout their shifts, which is why we’ve assembled this list of the best scrub brands for travel nurses like you! Travelers need scrubs that are low-maintenance, durable, fade and wrinkle-resistant, and yet are comfortable enough to wear day-in and day-out on assignment. Depending on what you like, there are scrubs for you whether it’s a spandex nursing scrub or having a cargo pen pocket on your scrub top!

The scrubs featured in our list are produced with modern, technical fabrics that are worry-free, durable, and comfortable enough for even the longest shifts. There are a variety of price points available as well, from the lower entry options by Uniform Advantage and WonderWink, to the slightly more expensive options in Fig and Jaanuu. Each brand has a variety of cuts, scrub styles, and colors available, so you’ll be sure to find the best nursing scrubs for you! We’ve also created guides on other medical apparel such as the best nursing shoes and compression socks for nurses to help enhance the comfort of your medical uniform.

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