What are some tips for traveling with your pet as a travel therapist? That is one of the most frequently asked questions we get from a travel therapist. “Can I travel with my pet?” The answer is yes in most cases. However, there are some things to be aware of before you bring your pet along as a travel therapist. Traveling with a pet is super rewarding. We just want to make sure you and your pet are prepared. That is why we created these tips for traveling with your pet as a travel therapist.

5 Tips For Traveling With Your Pet As A Travel Therapist

1. Inform Your Recruiter. Your recruiter is on your team to help you and your pet make the best out of your assignment. Your recruiter will help you a pet-friendly home. Some recruiters/agencies will even cover the cost of a pet deposit. The more upfront you are with your recruiter, the better it will be when traveling with your pet as a travel therapist.

2. Plan Ahead. Write down a list of all considerations and tasks you will need when traveling with your pet as a travel therapist. Do you need a new carrier before your new assignment? Do you need to stop by the vet and get a checkup before you go? How pet friendly is your new location? Don’t forget to bring plenty of treats and food.

3. Bring Their Health Documents. You will bring no shortage of documents as a travel therapist. But don’t forget your pet’s documents. It’s a good idea to pack your pet’s medical records, vaccination records, and any other pertinent information just in case you need to see a vet while you’re away from home.

Get To Know Your New Surroundings

4. Arrive Early To Your New Home. Just as it’s good for you to get a lay of the land in your new home, the same can be said about your pet. If you have a dog, take him/her for a walk around the neighborhood. Let you pet get used to his/her new home. See how they behave when you are gone for the day. You need to help them get comfortable with your new routine.

5. Know Local Pet Services and Attractions In Your New City. From local vets to groomers to parks, make sure that you acquaint yourself with pet services and attractions in your new city. Use something like Yelp or ask your new colleagues for any recommendations. Seeking this kind of information is an excellent way to break the ice and bond with new coworkers at your facility.

Host Healthcare Travel Therapist

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