With a little more than halfway through the calendar year, let’s help you stay up to date with the best content of 2018. We have compiled a list of the top 10 travel therapy articles of 2018.

Top 10 Travel Therapy Articles of 2018

20 Questions To Ask Before Accepting A Travel Therapist Assignment. Check out these questions to help new and experienced travel therapists before taking their next assignment.

Top 15 States For Travel Therapists In 2018. Looking for the next state to take your assignment? Check out this list.

15 Signs You’re Meant To Be A Travel Therapist. Want to know if travel therapy is right for you? Maybe you have one of these characteristics.

The Top 5 Trends For Physical Therapy In 2018. New years bring new trends. Check out these top trends for physical therapists in 2018.

20 Common New Grad Travel Physical Therapists Mistakes. Before you get started as a travel PT, make sure you check out these mistakes to avoid.

The 15 Best Summer Locations For Travel Therapists. We researched climate, activities, and demand to create our list of the 15 best summer locations for travel therapists.

20 Benefits of Travel Therapy Jobs. There are plenty of benefits being a travel therapist. Check out these 20 benefits.

10 Benefits For Travel Therapists. Looking for more benefits when you take a career as a travel therapist? We got you covered.

15 Best Cities For Travel Therapists Traveling With A Dog. If you travel with a dog during assignments, check out these cities to for you and your dog to enjoy.

10 Physical Therapy Statistics Every Travel Therapist Should Know. The PT industry is always changing. If you are a travel therapist, be sure you know these statistics.

Hopefully this article gives you some fun reading materials to close out the calendar year. We hope you enjoyed these top 10 travel therapy articles of 2018.

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