One of the most rewarding benefits of being a travel therapist is the ability to work in distinct locations. Working in various locations allows you to meet new people, learn new skills, and travel the country. There are plenty of states to explore as a travel therapist. We considered many factors such as available jobs, cost of living, and activities to come up with the top 15 states for travel therapists in 2018. Not sure where you want to go on your next (or first) travel therapy assignment? Check out our top 15 states for travel therapists in 2018.

Top 15 States For Travel Therapists In 2018: 15 – 11 States

There are plenty of outstanding states for a travel therapist to work in 2018. On one hand, it comes down to your wants and needs. Where do you want to work? What is important to you? Would you rather have more income or live in a fun city? Every has different wants. It is important to express your desires to your recruiter so that they can find you the right job for you. If you are not sure where to go, check out these first states that make up our list of the top 15 states for travel therapists in 2018:

15) Louisiana

14) Rhode Island

13) Michigan

12) Massachusetts

11) Ohio

These states kick off our list for a variety of reasons including available jobs, best pay rates, and fun places to explore. If you are not able to work in your dream state, consider one of these first top 15 states for travel therapists in 2018.

Top 15 States For Travel Therapists In 2018: Top 10 – 6 States

10) Pennsylvania. The Keystone State is a beautiful destination offering a blend of outdoor and urban adventures. As a travel therapist, there are plenty of things to do and places to see in Pennsylvania. As a career, Pennsylvania has a lot of opportunity for any travel therapist. Pennsylvania travel therapist jobs also offers one of the highest salary in the United States, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

9) New York. It’s hard to have a top state list for anything and not have New York included. With one of the most popular cities in the world. New York is most certainly one of the top 15 states for travel therapists in 2018. Let’s start with demand. There are almost 20 million people living in New York state. Because of that, there are always going to be plenty of travel therapy jobs to choose from. New York is certainly one of those bucket list states you need to check off in 2018.

8) Illinois. From amazing sites, to great food, to world-class attractions, there is something for everyone in Illinois. From a career perspective, Illinois offers tremendous opportunities for travel therapists. According to LinkedIn, there are over 2,000 current physical therapist jobs in Illinois. At Host Healthcare, travel nurse jobs in Chicago have the highest volume of travel jobs.

7) Nevada. Nevada would be a great state to work as a travel therapist in 2018. This is another state with high demand, high salary, and low cost of living. While the average salary of a PT in Nevada is in the $80,000, your dollar will stretch a lot farther in Nevada. You also know that as a travel nurse in Nevada, you are going to have plenty of activities at your fingertips.

6) Maryland. Maryland checks off many boxes travel therapists are looking for: available jobs, high pay rates, and fun activities. According to Indeed, there are on average 300 jobs annually in Maryland, with the peak being in the 900s. Let’s talk pay. The typical therapist salary in Maryland is $89,000. Again, as a travel therapist, you can make substantially more in Maryland. There is also plenty to do in Maryland from historical landmarks, to theme parks, to sports.

Top 15 States For Travel Therapists In 2018: Top 5 States

5) Alaska. Perhaps the biggest surprise of the top 5 is right here. Alaska might not be a state you first think about taking a travel therapist job but Alaska offers a lot of benefits. From a job perspective, Alaska is one of the highest pay rates for therapists in general. This comes due to supply is low because most people don’t think about taking an assignment in Alaska. If you want to take an assignment in Alaska, you will have good odds of landing your job. There are also some of the most scenic surroundings in the United States found in Alaska. If you like to explore the great outdoors, check out travel nursing Alaska jobs available and call one of our professional recruiters.

4) Florida. Florida is a popular destination for travel therapists. And why wouldn’t it be? From some of the best night life and tourist activities, it’s no surprise to see Florida being ranked 4th on our list of top 15 states for travel therapists in 2018. The average age range of Floridians means there are a lot of available jobs. The average salary in Florida isn’t as high as the states in the top 3. However, with no sales tax, your money will go far in Florida.

3) New Jersey. You might be surprised to see New Jersey as the third top 15 states for travel therapists in 2018. However, when you hear that New Jersey offers some of the highest pay on average you might stop scrolling and check out New Jersey. Not convinced yet. Okay. How about the fact that cost of living in New Jersey is almost half of what it is compared to neighboring states like New York? New Jersey also offers plenty of activates to do outside of work. You can spend the day at one of their world class beaches or excellent mountains. Hopefully now you are considering New Jersey.

2) Texas. They say everything is bigger in Texas. So are the travel therapy opportunities. According to Allied Travel Careers, Texas has 530 annual job openings on average. That ranks second, only behind California. Texas has several big cities that lend itself to having a fun time. Check out the Alamo or the River Walk in San Antonio or The University of Texas or South by Southwest in Austin.

1) California. The Golden State offers many benefits for travel therapists. From some of the best weather, to world-class beaches, to some amazing entertainment activities, California tops our list as the best state for travel therapists in 2018. According to, the average salary for a therapist in California is $94,000. As a travel therapist, you have the opportunity to make more money compared to a non-travel therapist. There are many cities to explore in California. Be sure to set your sights on heading west in 2018.

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