A new year brings new trends to every industry. We partnered with The Physical Therapy Quest to create the Top 5 Trends for Travel Physical Therapy in 2018. We cover things like how the new tax laws will impact the industry and how having a mentor can be a huge benefit. Read below or click here to listen to the entire Top 5 Trends for Travel Physical Therapy in 2018.

Top 5 Trends for Travel Physical Therapy in 2018: #1 Tax Reform

What tax bracket are you in? The new tax law reduces the number of brackets which is based on taxable income you receive each year.

How does this affect travel physical therapy? You will most likely fall on the lower end of the tax bracket because the only income that is being taxed is your 20 dollar hourly wage. SCORE!

Unfortunately, interest on student loans will not be tax deductible anymore.

Top 5 Trends for Travel Physical Therapy in 2018: #2 Compact Licensure

It has passed in 14 different state and will be in effect in 2018!

If your permanent tax home is among 14 states then you’re eligible for a compact state license. Furthermore, as long as your licensure is in good standing in your home state you’re able to practice in any of the other 13 states without having to attain a different license.

States where the processes of attaining licensure normally takes longer will now be a part of the compact. This will make the transition amongst the 14 states fast and easy when traveling from state to state and contract to contract.

Top 5 Trends for Travel Physical Therapy in 2018: #3 Being Flexible

When your recruiter markets your profile to a facility, they can truly give you the best chance to land the position.

Decide which one is most important for you!

  • The Setting
  • The Location
  • The Compensation

Top 5 Trends for Travel Physical Therapy in 2018: #4 Travel Mentorship

This program is separate from onsite mentorship and available for anyone who’s new to travel and not just new graduates.

Getting connected with a mentor can help with documentation along with other tips and tricks to help with productivity!

Your mentor can give you the inside scoop on the best way to break the ice with permanent staff and even help you find a roof over your help.

One thing that’s mandatory with Host Healthcare is you must have work experience in the setting that you’re going to.

Top 5 Trends for Travel Physical Therapy in 2018: #5 Housing Trends for 2018

Here is a list of some of the most popular resources for finding housing. With so many options there’s no need to dread this process.

Gypsy Nurse
According to Jordan from Host Healthcare this is by far the most popular when it comes to housing. There’s a large network of travel healthcare professionals that rent their own places out to other travelers. Gypsy Nurse on Facebook is the most popular and reliable.

Post in the Facebook group that you’re looking for a specific location with dates and get direct responses for individuals in those areas who have a house or room to rent. Then make other arrangements to see if it’s a good fit for you.

Get a name and a phone number and never wire anybody money. If someone wants a large sum of money up front that may be a red flag.

Travelers Haven
Travel and medical professional looking for short term housing.

Airbnb and VRBO – You can get discounts if you stay there longer than 30 days. At first glance a 1 night stay could be out of your price range. Try blocking off 30 days and you could potentially get discounts up to 80 %.

Top 5 Trends for Travel Physical Therapy in 2018: More Excitement

More locations and positions are continuing to become available as Host Healthcare makes their way into 2018.

How fast is Host Healthcare? Nine Days! Don’t believe us? Take a listen to hear how it went down!

The average length from the first conversation to your first day at work is about 30 days across the entire company.

Top 5 Trends for Travel Physical Therapy in 2018: Become a Mentor

After 1 year of experience with Host Healthcare you could become a mentor yourself. You would also need to have experience in different settings to broaden your reach.

Host Healthcare Travel Therapist

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