There are so many benefits as a travel nurse. One of the more popular benefits is the ability travel and visit some amazing places. But what are the top places for travel nurses to visit? We are glad you asked. We spoke with some of our travelers to find out their top places for travel nurses to visit. If you are traveling to one of these places, be sure you check them out.

Top Places For Travel Nurses To Visit

There is no shortage of top places for travel nurses to visit. Whether you like the east coast or prefer the west coast, there will be plenty of options for travel nurses. To help you narrow down your list, we asked some of our travel nurses to share their top places for travel nurses to visit.

  • Our travel nurse Paige shares her favorite place. “My favorite place I have visited while on assignment is Glacier National Park. It is such a beautiful place; everyone should go.”
  • For any travel nurse in heading to Washington state, our traveler Kenita has a recommendation for you. “Hiking Mt. Rainier in Washington state was the most beautiful, incredible, and breath-taking experiences of my life. This is a MUST DO if you take an assignment in Washington.”
  • Our travel nurse enjoys seeing historical places during her assignments. “I really recommend any travel nurse visit Mount Rushmore.”
  • Travel nurse Wendy shares her favorite she’s visited during her assignments, “Custer State Park and all that Rapid City has to offer. It is very diverse in culture, history and nature that whatever you want to enjoy you have an option.”

Why Do You Travel?

There are many top places for travel nurses to visit. Tell us your favorite thing about being a travel therapist. Comment below with your answer.

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