As a travel therapist, you are able to visit so many places to, during, and from your travel assignments. It’s one of the perks of being a travel therapist. But with so many places to visit, what are the top places to visit for travel therapists? We are glad you asked. We asked some of our travel therapists for their favorite places they have visited while on assignment. If you are in these locations for your current or upcoming travel therapy assignments, be sure you check these places out.

Top Places To Visit For Travel Therapists

From coast to coast, there are plenty of top places to visit for travel therapists. To help travel therapists narrow down the best of the best, we asked some of our travel therapists their favorite places.

  • Our travel PTA Lee says his favorite place he visited on an assignment is Crater Lake National Park.
  • Travel therapist Aimee couldn’t just pick one place. “I enjoyed hiking in the San Jacinto mountains (close to Palm Springs, CA) and a mine tour in Julian, CA.”
  • Beaches are certainly popular choices for travel therapists. One of our travel therapists, Elise, says her favorite place to visit is “anywhere in Southern California because of the amazing beaches.”
  • Travel therapist Jack has a different answer. “For me, I really enjoyed Mammoth Cave in Kentucky. It is the largest cave in the USA. I was able to crawl through tight spots and see incredible sights.”
  • Jeremy, another one of our travel therapists talks about his top places to visit for travel therapists. “It’s difficult to pick just one place that is my favorite! However, Northern Arizona (Flagstaff/Sedona/Grand Canyon) is one of the most beautiful places I have ever visited. There is an incredible diversity of beauty from incredible mountain hiking to Grand Canyon National Park it’s impossible not to be amazed wherever you are in that area.”

Why Do You Travel?

There are many top places to visit for travel therapists. Tell us your favorite thing about being a travel therapist. Comment below with your answer.

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