A travel nurse is a fun and exciting career. You get to do what you love plus the have the flexibility to travel from state to state gaining amazing experience. We asked some of our travel nurses some about their travel nurse experience. Learn their favorite travel nurse experience, their favorite places to travel, and what made them want to try travel nursing.

Travel Nurse Experience From Travel Nurses

Rita Archunde explained her favorite thing about being a travel nurse, “My favorite experience has been the ability to explore all avenues of each assignment. There is so much to see around and in each place I have been. You never know what gems you can find.”

Lisa Gagliano says her favorite travel nurse experience has been “My amazing Cross Country drive from North Carolina to Washington. I saw the Smoky Mountains, windmills, Mt. Rushmore, and cute Cor D’Alene, Idaho.”

While traveling from place to place is great, there are other great travel nurse experience as Taryn Pickell explained. “We admitted a woman with Alzheimer’s disease. She was so upset; crying and pacing. The Social Worker told us she used to sing in her church choir and Activities found a gospel CD. When we turned on the music, she finally started to relax. A bit later she was smiling, singing a lovely version of Amazing Grace.”

Travel Nurse Experience: What Got You Being A Travel Nurse

We hear many reasons why people become a travel nurse. Travel Nurse Tom explains why he became a travel nurse. “My wife and I wanted to see the U.S. before having kids, and travel nursing seems like an awesome way to take a perpetual vacation.”

Roxy had something similar, “I wanted to see America with my husband. It has been a wonderful experience to explore your career in other cultures and ways of living.”

Travel Nurse Experience: What Were You Scared Of Before Your First Assignment

While being a travel nurse has a lot of great benefits, it can be scary too. Traveling to a new place and meeting new people are just a few fears when starting a new assignment. Those fears are there whether you are a new or seasoned travel nurse.

Travel Nurse Terrance says his fear came from being with a company for so long before being a travel nurse. “Before this assignment I had work with my prior employer for 13 years working my way to a clinical coordinator. Now I had to learn something in a new environment.”

These are similar fears that travel nurse Tara McCalla shared, “I was TERRIFIED to leave the comfort of home and make it all on my own, regardless of what came my way. I knew I had to push past my fears if I wanted to experience something really cool in life and I was done letting fear rule my life.”

Travel Nurse Ashely explained her fears and how she got over them. “The unknown is always a frightening thing to face, a new place, new peers, and new protocols. I just decided that I was going to be myself, keep an open mind, and do my best to help whenever and wherever needed, and keep a positive attitude! And it has worked!”

Travel Nurse Experience: What Were Your Favorite Places You Visited On Assignment

There are so many amazing places to discover while being a travel nurse. Travel Nurse Kendall Turner explains how she visited one of the NFL’s most famous stadiums. “I’m in Appleton, WI, so since I’m so close to Green Bay, I had to visit Lambeau Field… Home of the Packers. Such an amazing stadium and a wonderful tour.

Travel Nurse Wendy said her favorite place was Custer State Park and Rapid City. “Custer State Park and all that Rapid City has to offer. It is very diverse in culture, history and nature that whatever you want to enjoy you have an option.”

Some favorite places to travel are due to weather. That is exactly what Travel Nurse Sonya said. “My favorite place traveling so far is San Diego.  Why? Well, I missed winter weather back home for one! 70 degrees is better than a snow shovel any day. Funny, people in San Diego say, “what is a snow shovel?”

Hopefully after reading this you are ready to start or continue your career as a travel nurse. Our travel nurses have adjectives like: amazing, unforgettable, time of my life when describing some of their recent travel nurse assignments.

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