When it comes to New England cities, Portland, Maine can’t be overlooked. Situated on a slice of Maine’s more than 3,000 miles of stunning coastline, Portland has a rich history and all the makings of a modern metropolis. It’s no wonder this city is one of the top destinations in a state proudly nicknamed “Vacationland.”

If you’re a travel nurse, Maine is definitely one of the top travel nursing locations to add to your list of destinations. Not only does Portland boast the best in relaxation and recreation, but it also has a high demand for many different types of travel nurses across numerous specialties. 

In this guide, we’re sharing our expert insights on travel nursing in Portland Maine so that you can make the most of your time in this quaint yet cosmopolitan city. 

Travel Nursing Maine: Navigating Portland’s Healthcare Landscape

With an abundance of natural beauty and an energetic nightlife, it’s not surprising RNs and other healthcare professionals are electing to turn their travel positions in Portland into permanent ones. 

Portland’s healthcare landscape is equally exciting, with a welcoming work culture and plenty of opportunities for growth and advancement. But before you hit the trail running, take a look at the following need-to-know details to ensure your success in travel nursing in Portland, Maine: 

  • Licensing and requirements – Maine is a member of the Nurse Licensure Compact (NLC), so if you’re already licensed in participating NLC states, you don’t need to obtain further credentials. If you don’t have a multistate license, don’t stress—check out the Maine State Board of Nursing and our Licensure Guide for more details on how to apply for your nursing license.
  • Compensation and salary – The average base salary for a travel nurse in Portland aligns with the national average of $2,308 per week, with an average monthly take-home of $7,888. Keep in mind, however, that compensation can vary based on hospital need and specialty. 
  • In-demand specialties – A few specialties are particularly in demand in Maine’s largest city:
    • Telemetry 
    • Operating Room 
    • Emergency Room 
    • Intensive Care Unit

Where You’ll Find Assignments in Portland, ME

Portland may be the busiest healthcare hub in its state, servicing the city’s nearly 70,000 residents with its bustling hospitals and specialized healthcare facilities. But we won’t bury the lead—let’s jump right into Portland’s promising placement possibilities:

  • Maine Medical Center (MMC) – Ranked the #1 hospital in Maine, Maine Medical Center has received high performance scores in disciplines and conditions ranging from Cardiology to cancer. 
  • Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital (BBCH) – Located on the same campus as Main Medical Center, BBCH is Maine’s only full-service children’s hospital. Like MMC, BBCH is a teaching hospital that provides on-site, practical education by partnering nurses with nursing schools, research centers, and colleagues.
  • Northern Light Mercy Hospital (NLMH) – Founded just over one hundred years ago, Northern Light Mercy Hospital is a non-profit hospital that’s continuously evolved to meet the needs of its community. In fact, Healthgrades awarded NLMH the Outstanding Patient Experience Award in 2022 and 2024.   
  • New England Rehabilitation Hospital (NERH) – This rehabilitation center offers compassionate and comprehensive care for patients recovering from strokes, brain injuries, bone fractures, and other complex neurological and orthopedic conditions. With the promise of 24/7 nursing care, NERH has no shortage of nursing positions, especially if you want to polish your practice in any of these specialties.

No matter what you’re looking for with your next travel nursing assignment, Host Healthcare recruiters are passionate about matching our nurses with positions that align with their career and personal goals, build on their experiences, and bolster their professional growth. 

Even better? We guide our nurses through the application process for a seamless transition and assist in finding housing before their assignment starts.

Speaking of housing…

Accommodation Options for Travel Nurses in Portland

Whether you’re taking an assignment in the next town over or moving halfway across the country, finding your home away from home can be tricky. That’s why, before accepting any assignment, it’s crucial to look into housing options in your destination state.

Fortunately, a travel nursing agency like Host Healthcare offers dedicated housing help to ensure you find a housing option that addresses all of your needs. 

To streamline the process, take a tour of some of Portland’s most dynamic neighborhoods to get an idea of which one may be best for you: 

  • West End – West End offers a peek into the best of New England’s history—namely, its architecture. With lush, overgrown gardens and well-preserved Victorian houses lining quaint and quiet streets, you’re sure to achieve a zen-like peace living in West End.
  • Parkside – Deering Oaks is Portland’s largest public park and the defining characteristic of this locale. When exploring this area, don’t be surprised if you stumble upon a Shakespeare in the Park performance, the local farmers market, or a Sea Dogs baseball game before tee time.
  • West Bayside and East Bayside – Make your home away from home the heart of the action with these two diverse and actively developing districts. Coffee shops, globally inspired cuisine, and rooftop bars are nestled into almost every street corner in this neighborhood.
  • Off-peninsula – Located just outside Portland’s downtown, this centralized neighborhood is home to the craft beer movement, museums, and theaters. As if it needed more praise, the three-mile-long Back Cove trail offers incredible views of Portland’s skyline. 

Off-Duty Activities for Travel Nurses in Portland

Looking for activities to unwind or re-energize after you shed your scrubs? Embrace the lifestyle of hearty Mainers by taking advantage of favorite local pastimes after a long shift. 

Here are a few “must-dos”: 

  • Hike, bike, walk, or run – Whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast or an aspiring one, nature’s beauty is accessible right from your backyard—literally. The city offers over 70 miles of trails and green space within half a mile of every Portland residence. Decompress by taking a slow, winding walk or blow off steam by renting a bike for a day. 
  • Cool off with seaside sports – With a handful of rivers, bays, and waterways surrounding this coastal city, getting a little wet when weather permits is almost a given. Kayak or paddleboard in Casco Bay, or take a boat tour along Portland’s rugged shores to glimpse the Portland Headlight, Main’s oldest lighthouse.
  • Get a taste of city life – If high-intensity activities aren’t your ideal hobbies, don’t worry—Portland provides the more urban-inclined with endless outlets for entertainment. Mosey along cobblestone streets packed with boutiques selling handmade wares, dip into distilleries that offer the latest flavors of wines and brews, or opt for a lobster roll as a midday snack. Shopping, dining, and dancing to live music are no more than an Uber ride away here.

Thrive As A Travel Nurse in Portland, Maine With Host Healthcare

With cool and cozy neighborhoods to call home and an endless list of outdoor and urban activities, Portland, Maine, is an enticing city for your next travel nursing assignment. 

Ensure you get the most out of Maine travel nursing with Host Healthcare. Make your job search easier by collaborating with one of our experienced recruiters, and receive personalized support and exclusive access to Maine travel nursing jobs. We’ll help you find your ideal travel assignment, as well as assist with finding housing that caters to your preferences and needs. 

Apply today, and you’ll add “travel nurse: Maine” to your resume in no time.  



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