California is a great destination: great weather, fantastic facilities, plenty of jobs, and amazing food. It’s no wonder why California is a great place to work and play. That aside, there are some other travel nursing benefits in California. If you are looking for California travel nursing jobs, Host Healthcare can certainly help.

Here are 3 travel nursing benefits in California.

  1. Major hospital organizations in California. From the north to the south, there is no shortage of hospitals in The Golden State. California has about 420 hospitals. Many are magnet hospitals and listed as the best hospitals in the nation. In fact, fifty-three hospitals made U.S. News list for best hospitals in California.
  2. You are in demand. With slightly more than 39 million people, California is the nation’s most populous state. That means there is a need for you, the travel nurse, in California. With great pay rates and a high variety of jobs, there is a demand for travel nursing jobs in California.
  3. California offers something for everyone. You can enjoy the surf during a sunny in Southern California. You can enjoy the vineyards in Northern California. If you’re a thrill seeker there are plenty of theme parks to visit. Whatever your choice, there is no shortage of things to do in California.

By now I am sure you have discovered that there our countless of travel nursing benefits in California.

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