Travel nursing is an excellent way to use your skills to move to new cities on short-term assignments. Those who do it love it—but for those who haven’t traveled—it may seem like there is a lot to learn before getting started. Unanswered questions often lead to misconceptions, so we’ve created the following travel nursing debunked list of some common myths. If there’s something you’ve been wondering about but don’t see it answered below, contact us today with more questions about travel nursing. Check out our Featured Travel Tip for guidance from our in-house recruiters. Check out these travel nursing debunked myth.

Travel Nursing Debunked Myth: The staffing company plays very little role other than job placement.

It’s true we help you find a job as a travel nurse but our role in your career doesn’t stop there. While you’ll have contacts at your facility, you’ll have your recruiter by your side for questions about missed timesheets, extending your assignment, or moving to a new city after the duration of your assignment. Our recruiters also act as a travel concierge, assisting with housing, benefits, referrals, travel tips, and more.

Travel Nursing Debunked Myth: You won’t get to pick your assignment city.

One misconception about travel nursing is that you have to pay your dues in small undesirable cities before you’ll receive a position in a desirable city. At Host Healthcare, we have an abundance of jobs so that all of our nurses have the opportunity to live and work in a city they enjoy. Nurses work with their recruiters to decide on a city that will work best for each individual person’s situation.

Travel Nursing Debunked Myth: Nurses are actually working for the hospital but the staffing company just gets a cut.

One area of confusion for first time travelers is how contracts work. Who pays the nurse and who is the nurse actually employed by? While you work at facilities and hospitals you’ll be employed by the travel company. Your paychecks, your benefits, and your travel reimbursement will all come from the healthcare travel company.

Travel Nursing Debunked Myth: Housing is always left up to the nurse.

In general, the final decision on housing is left to the travel nurse. Here at Host our recruiters are very knowledgeable and helpful in the area of housing. In most cases, the travel nurse receives a stipend for housing. Working with a recruiter, the nurse can decide between a short-term lease, an AirBnb, an extended stay hotel or corporate housing. Recruiters will also be available for any questions you may have.

Travel Nursing Debunked Myth: Travel assignments are always thirteen weeks.

While the average travel nursing assignment is 13 weeks, there is always a possibility to extend an assignment or even pick up a shorter assignment around the holidays or in between assignments.

Travel Nursing Debunked Myth: Travel nursing is a less stable career choice.

Jobs are fluid in most industries. However, healthcare is always going to be a need and the nurses who tend to those are going to be needed. That would make travel nurses always in need. But what makes travel nurses a more stable career? It’s the skill and flexibility. As a travel nurse, you are able to pick up and move to a facility or region in need. You are also able to pick up shifts when facilities prepare for busy times or when their nurses are on vacation.

Travel Nursing Debunked Myth: Travel nursing jobs are only available in big cities.

Population numbers certainly contribute to opportunities available. However, at Host Healthcare, we receive daily contracts in all states. We are constantly receiving job orders in states that have a high concentration of jobs such as West Virginia, South Dakota, and Mississippi. The healthcare demand is nationwide. Thus there are travel nursing jobs in every state.

Travel Nursing Debunked Myth: Travel nursing is only for young nurses.

Travel nursing is not something just for young nurses. Host Healthcare recruiter Michael Kaplan talks about a nurse who after her children left for college and began their lives, she and her husband decided to pick up and move around the country as a travel nurse. “Pam was a referral I received who had 20 years as a registered nurse. She talked about being an empty nester and wanting to travel the country with her husband. We were able to get her assignments in locations they had always wanted to see. I was also able to get her an assignment close to her kids that had moved across the country.” Hopefully through Pam’s experience you can see that being a travel nurse is for all ages.

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Host Healthcare offers many travel nurse benefits. Benefits include: competitive pay, deluxe housing, and a 401K. The choice is yours. Browse through our extensive list of travel nurse jobs or call one of our friendly travel nurse recruiters at (800) 585-1299. We are here to help you to get started.