Florida is certainly an attractive destination for travel nurses. There are plenty of activities, world-class beaches, and with the high demand, Florida tops the list for many travel nurses of where they want to work. This in fact, Florida could certainly employ more contact or temporary nurses than another other city. With all the demand, Host Healthcare can certainly help find travel nursing jobs in Florida to any nurse in any specialty looking to work in the Sunshine State.

What Time of The Year Has the Most Travel Nursing Jobs In Florida?

As you probably are aware, Florida sees a spike in population when people migrate from the north to Florida during October – April. This spike in population from people known as “snowbirds” creates the downstream ripple of need for travel nurses. For people interested in travel nursing jobs in Florida, it’s important you get your duck in a row way before October. Make sure your license is current, your skills checklist is up to date, and you are ready to act fast. Despite the need, travel nursing jobs in Florida does get competitive. So make sure you are ready to accept that perfect travel nursing job in Florida.

Hidden Benefits of Travel Nursing Jobs in Florida

If you are reading this, you are probably aware of most travel nursing benefits. However, there are plenty of hidden benefits of travel nursing jobs in Florida. Do you like to be active? Orlando, Florida made our list of the 10 best cities for travel nurses who like to be active. Do you like to travel with your dog on your travel nursing assignment? Tampa, Florida made our list of the 10 best dog friendly cities for travel nurses. So while there are clear benefits of travel nursing jobs in Florida, be sure to check out the other hidden benefits of Florida.

Travel Nursing Jobs In Florida Employment

As previously stated, Florida has a large demand for travel nurses. But it’s not just travel nurses. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Florida ranks fourth as the highest number of nurse employment. The average salary for a nurse in Florida is $64,890. As a travel nurse, you can expect to make more when all benefits and allowances are included. This lens of permanent staff nurses makes travel nursing jobs in Florida very attractive.

Travel Nursing Jobs In Florida – Hot Jobs

We always have a high volume of jobs in Florida. Here is our current list of hot jobs:

  • Labor and Delivery Travel Nursing job in Miami
  • Operating Room Travel Nurse job in Tampa
  • Surgical Tech Travel Nurse job in Daytona Beach
  • ICU Travel Nurse job in Lake View

Search jobs and find your ideal travel nursing job in Florida.

Travel Nursing Housing In Florida

There is no shortage of housing options in Florida for a travel nurse. Due to the popularity of Florida’s short-term destination, finding housing for travel nurses working typically 13-week assignments will be easy. There are plenty of furnished condos, apartments and homes that accept short-term leases. When you work with Host Healthcare, we will help you secure travel nursing housing in Florida.

Florida Nursing License

Florida’s nursing license will be updated January 19, 2018. That is when the Nurse Licensure Compact (NLC) goes into effect in Florida. The compact includes Registered Nurses and Licensed Practical Nurses. When you work with Host Healthcare, we will reimburse your Florida license if you need to secure your license in order to work in Florida.

Host Healthcare Travel Nurse

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