The world of travel physical therapy can be complicated for people getting started. That is why we recently partnered up with The Physical Therapy Quest to create the Travel Physical Therapy Podcast. During the Travel Physical Therapy Podcast, we talked about general information such as how to get started, current trends, and what happens if you love the facility you are placed at. We also talked about travel therapy benefits with Host Healthcare such as our mentorship program, reimbursements, and a 401k. Read below or click here to listen to the entire Travel Physical Therapy Podcast.

Travel Physical Therapy Podcast: Current Trends!

“Higher paid positions in the north during the winter”

“The majority of positions that are available are working with some sort of geriatric population in skilled nursing, home health, long term acute care”.

What if I fall in love with a contract and I don’t want to leave?

“It’s more than likely that you will be able to extend your contract beyond the original 13 week contract, that may not be the case if you’re covering for maternity leave, then you will most likely be able to extend up to 1 year, up to 51 weeks in a single facility before you either have to stay on permanently or move on to the next travel assignment”.

How often do you see permanent employment out of these opportunities?

“It’s pretty common that people like to travel and end up liking where they are. If you really like to travel and end up liking a facility/location, most extend their 13 week contracts a time or two then continue on their travel career. Once they’re done traveling, they will go back to that same facility they fell in love with.

What if that facility is involved in unethical circumstances?

If you start a contract and the facilities practices put your license at risk or are involved in unethical circumstances, they will get you out of their as soon as possible.

What is the productivity like?

Productivity, it does depend on the setting and facility but for the most part. For skill nursing facility they see 85%-90% productivity. With new grads, the first several weeks you’re just getting your hands wet in documentation systems/formats with expectations of your productivity increasing as you get more familiar with their facility.

At each facility/contract will you have an orientation?

Bigger facilities may certainly have someone shadow you for the first couple days. Host health care also offers a mentorship program internally.

Host Healthcare Mentorship Program

“We take care of our therapy new grads and want you to succeed as a travel therapist. Our mentorship program pairs new grads up with an experienced travel therapist. If you have graduated within the past year, we can pair you up a mentor. Your mentor will be your dedicated resource and provide you support for you during your first six assignments. They will offer guidance and answer any questions about your facility and your role”.

“Finally, upon successful completion of six assignments, you may apply to our mentorship program as a mentor”.

Here’s the break down when it comes to the money

Part 1) Taxable hourly wage

  • With Host Healthcare its $20.00/hr
  • You’ll lose 20 to 30% to uncle Sam just like any other position

Part 2) Weekly Tax-Free Allowance

  • Includes meals, incidentals, food, or miscellaneous expenses
  • This number depends on living cost of the area and the budget of the facility. Facility budget factors in how desperate they are and your experience in the field.
  • This stacks on top of Part 1 (Taxable Hourly Wage) that you get as a part of your pay check every single week.
  • Host Healthcare doesn’t require receipts.

Part 3) Housing Options 

  1. Corporate Housing- Host Healthcare sets you up with a fully furnished studio or 1 bedroom apartment. They take care of the rent, deposit and utilities but that does not include a pet deposit. Can’t forget the dog!
  2. Housing Allowance- you receive a weekly, tax free housing allowance geared towards housing and just like the meals allowance, it’s ultimately up to you what you do with it.
  • 90% of Host Healthcare travelers take this option because it provides the flexibility that most are looking for.
  • Every Friday you get all 3 of these combined via direct deposit.

Does prior experience matter?

“There is always going to be competition but it comes down the facility looking for who is the most qualified and costs them the least”

Free Unlimited CEUs

Host Healthcare offers free CEUs for all of our therapists. We are proud to offer this to therapy new grads.  There are hundreds of courses to choose from to continue your education and professional development.  Free and unlimited online CEU’s while you’re on assignment.  Want to attend a course or conference?  Talk to your recruiter!


Host Healthcare covers all liability Health Insurance, they offer medical, dental and vision when you’re on assignment.  The first day of your assignment is the first day your insurance kicks in as well as up to 30 days coverage between your assignments.

When do I start looking for my next contract?

It depends where you want to go next and how long licensure takes for that particular state. Some states only take weeks while others can take several months or longer! Keep this in mind when looking for your next facility or location. This is why your recruiter is going to be your new best friend.

Who is going to cover the state licensure costs?

Host Healthcare will take care of it as soon as you take a contract in that state but you do have to pay for it upfront so this is one receipt you will want to save!

Take a picture of everything you do!

Odometer before you leave because they reimburse for travel expenses along with any other major expenses. This way you have less to worry about and you’ll always have what you need. There are several apps out there to save and organize them as pictures.


Yes! Currently they match up to 50% of 3% or 1.5% through Principle Financial.

Travel Physical Therapy Podcast: Get to know your recruiter!

“The relationship you have with your recruiter is one of the most important things during this process”

Host Healthcare limits the recruiter to therapist ratio to ensure realistic response rates and remain attentive to the travelers needs while on assignment or looking for the next.

Can you travel with a significant other?

-It can happen as long as you’re flexible because there obviously has to be two contracts available in that particular area. Host Healthcare says you should potentially allow a 45 minutes commute each way which would mean your facilities can be up to 90 minutes away from each other.

Travel Physical Therapy Podcast: When to start looking?

If you’re currently a student and are interested, start talking to the recruiter during your final semester.  Overall, enjoy yourself and be open to learning and experiencing new things.“

“I wouldn’t recommend putting your information out there, I recommend doing your due diligence and reading reviews from glassdoor and then decide who you want to reach out to directly”.

Host Healthcare Travel Therapist

Host Healthcare offers an extensive list of travel therapist jobs. Call one of our friendly recruiters at (800) 585-1299. We are here to help you to get started.