Travel Physical Therapy Salary Guide

By Host Team | July 13, 2018

There are many benefits for travel therapists. One of the benefits is the opportunity to make more money. But how much money can you make as a travel physical therapist? Other than working, what is another way you make money as a travel physical therapist? This is your travel physical therapy salary guide.

Travel Physical Therapy Salary Guide – The Basics

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual wage for physical therapists in 2017 was $86,850. Some states like California, Nevada, and Texas exceeded this national average salary. However, as a travel therapist you can make more money than the national average. In fact, many of our travel therapists earn $100,000 per year when all benefits and allowances are included.

Travel Physical Therapy Salary Guide – How Does Travel Physical Therapy Add Up

Because you are traveling away from your home allows you to make more money. You are providing a service that a facility was not able to find someone close thus they pay a premium to have you work for them. In addition, stipends for travel and arrival are provided as another incentive for travel physical therapists. There are other non-taxable items and reimbursements that you receive as a travel physical therapist that adds up to your overall salary.

Travel Physical Therapy Salary Guide – Other Than Working, How Can I Make Money As A Travel Therapist

One of the most common ways you can earn extra money as a travel physical therapist is to refer other travel therapists. Referral bonuses are common in the travel healthcare staffing industry. At Host Healthcare, we offer a $1,000 referral bonus when you refer a travel physical therapist. Going on now, we are offering a summer referral program where you earn $1,000 referral bonus and the person you refer receives a $500 bonus.

Host Healthcare Travel Therapist

Hopefully learned some more information a travel PT salary. Be sure you book make this page as we will continue to update the travel physical therapy salary guide. Interested in learning more about travel therapy? Reach out to your recruiter or fill out this form below.

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