The best travel therapy benefit for new grad is finding a rewarding travel therapy company to partner with. Host Healthcare offers amazing travel therapy benefits for new grads. If you’re a current therapy student or recent graduate from a Physical Therapist, Occupational Therapist, or Speech-Language Pathology program, we can help you find an incredible position. There are amazing benefits when you start your career as a travel therapists. Grow your career and experience new destinations as you work in different settings. You will also earn more in a travel therapy position in addition to many other benefits.

Travel Therapy Benefit For New Grads: Tuition Reimbursement

Host Healthcare offers tuition reimbursement for recent PT, OT, and SLP graduates! How you ask? If you have graduated from an accredited program within the past year and travel with us, you will earn $5,000 after the completion of your sixth consecutive 13-week assignment. Who doesn’t love money back in their pocket?

Travel Therapy Benefit For New Grads: Mentorship Program

At Host Healthcare, we care about your career. That is why we created our mentorship program. If you have graduated within the past year and travel with us, you will be pared with an experienced travel therapist who will act as your resource during your first six assignments. You will receive guidance and support as well as answers to any questions about your facility and your role.

Travel Therapy Benefit For New Grads: Free Unlimited CEUs

Host Healthcare offers free CEUs for all our travel therapists. We are proud to offer new grads this opportunity to continue your education and processional development. With hundreds of courses to choose from we feel confident you will find something great.

Hopefully after reading this article you see the wonderful travel therapy benefit for new grads. Click below to find a travel therapy job or to learn more, read these six travel therapy jobs myths.

Host Healthcare offers many travel therapy benefits including competitive pay, tax-free tuition reimbursement, and mentorship for travel therapists. Browse through our extensive list of travel therapy jobs or call one of our friendly travel therapy recruiters at (800) 585-1299. We are here to help you to get started.