Being a travel nurse is an exciting career. There are so many benefits about being a travel nurse. You want to make more money? As a travel nurse, you can make 20 – 30% more compared to a permanent nurse. How about license reimbursement? You can get your license, travel, and even scrub reimbursement as a travel nurse. So what is the best thing about being a travel nurse?

What Is The Best Thing About Being A Travel Nurse

As stated above, there are plenty of great things about being a travel nurse. While we could rattle off plenty of answers to this question, we thought we would allow our travel nurses to explain. We asked some of our travel nurses about their favorite experience since being a travel nurse.

  • Our travel nurse Tina says, “The best thing for me is that I have had the opportunity to meet so many wonderful people while I have been on this assignment.”
  • Another one of our travelers Wendy mentioned people. “I love meeting new people. It’s so great to see new things and meet new people every assignment.”
  • Travel nurse Tracy talks about making new friends. “The best thing about being a travel nurse to me is making new friends all over the country!”
  • Our travel nurse Jacob mentions something different. “To me, the best thing about being a travel nurse is being immersed in other cultures, especially in North Dakota and Alaska.”
  • Travel nurse answers the question what is the best thing about being a travel nurse differently. “My favorite experience since starting traveling has been learning how diverse each unit can be. Sure, they’re all ICU’s, but every unit is SOOO different and it’s enlightening to see the different unit cultures and practices.”

Find Your Reason To Becoming A Travel Nurse

Hopefully reading this you learned that there are so many wonderful things you will experience being a travel nurse. What is the best thing about being a travel nurse for you? Let us know. Comment in the box below and let us know your answer.

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