There are several benefits of being a travel therapist. Travel therapists can make more money than permanent PTs, OTs, and SLPs. Want more? Travel therapists can get their license reimbursed. Still not enough? Did you know that when you take a travel therapy assignment you can get your tuition reimbursed? Again, there are several benefits about being a travel therapist. But what is the best thing about being a travel therapist?

What Is The Best Thing About Being A Travel Therapist

As stated above, there are several reasons why someone becomes a travel therapist. But what is the best thing about being a travel therapist? That is a question with many answers. Instead of giving you our opinion or what experts say, we thought we would go to the source. We asked some of our travel therapists their favorite part about being at travel therapist.

  • Our travel therapist Lee talks about being able to face fears at a once in a lifetime experience. “For me, it has to be rock climbing at Smith Rock State Park near Bend Oregon.”
  • Our travel SLP Rebekah answers with, “I really like getting to know the area that I am working in.”
  • Travel therapist Donald talks about the people aspect of being a travel therapist. “I enjoy being able to experience working with different people, from different walks of life.”
  • Travel therapist Aimee talks about how much she has learned being a travel therapist. “I really enjoy learning different approaches to PT treatment/intervention.”

Why Do You Travel?

You see, there are many reasons to be a travel therapist. What’s your reason? There are no right or wrong answers. People become travel therapists for many reasons. And their favorite things about travel differ. Tell us your favorite thing about being a travel therapist. Comment below with your answer.

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