Nurses look to mentors to guide them in their career development. It doesn’t matter how much experience you have, a nurse mentor can benefit from the relationship of a nursing mentor. Considering all the reasons why nurses need a mentor and you will realize a mentor can help nurses with important career decisions and daily guidance.

Mentors Are Vital For New Nurses

As a new graduate and someone who just entered the workplace, finding a mentor is extremely important. A mentor can provide you with critical information you can’t learn at in nursing school. Host Healthcare travel nurse recruiter Kaylan Duffy has some sound advice for any new nurse. “Having someone who has more experience that you can learn from is extremely important. Someone who can help you navigate your field. A person you can ask questions, vent, lend a shoulder, and empathize with.”

Why Nurses Need A Mentor

As stated, there are several reasons why nurses need a mentor. Here are our top reasons why nurses need a mentor:
1) Career advancement
2) Career retention
3) Improves potential burnout
4) Ensures a proper kickoff to your career

How to Find A Nurse Mentor

Now that you understand why nurses need a mentor, your next step is to find a nurse mentor for yourself. One of the best ways to find a nurse mentor is at work. Identify who has a nurse style you aspire to be like. Ask other nurses or doctors for their suggestion. If you are a travel nurse, reach out to your recruiter. They should be able to recommend someone to be a mentor for you.

Host Healthcare Travel Nurse

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