You have probably heard many answers to the question, why to become a travel therapist? Is it the money? The ability to travel the country? All the new people you will meet? And these are just some of the answers. To help, we asked some of our travels why to become a travel therapist. Some of their answers might surprise you.

Why To Become A Travel Therapist

Some of our travelers give you their answers to this question.

  • Our travel therapist Aimee talks about her reasons to become a travel therapist. “I like the new changes and challenges you experience as a travel therapist. If you like new things, you should become a travel therapist.”
  • At Host Healthcare, we staff a lot of new grads into travel therapy. Our approach is unique in that we put new travelers in the best place to succeed. One of our new grad we placed, Elise, gives her answer to why to become a travel therapist. “I started as a travel therapist as a new grad. For me, I didn’t know what type of setting I wanted to do fulltime. So beginning my career as a travel therapist allowed me to try several settings before finding the one I wanted. The opportunity and flexibility are certainly reason why to become a travel therapist.”
  • We also have travel therapists who are empty nesters and pick up travel therapy later in life. That is no problem at all. This is exactly what happened to travel therapist Jack. “My three children are grown and out of the house. My wife and I thought if I became a travel therapist it would be a great way to explore the country and see what is out there before we move permanently. Being a travel therapist is a great way to get to know people in the area.”
  • Another popular answer to the question why to become a travel therapist came from our travel therapist Jenni. “For me, I have never been one for routines. I like doing something for a little and then I get bored. Being a travel therapist allows me to go somewhere new, meet new people, and then move on to something else. The lifestyle is certainly a reason why I became a travel therapist.”

To learn more from our travel therapists on why they became a travel therapist, check out our Featured Traveler of the Month section on our website. There are many answers to the question why to become a travel therapist? Comment below with your answer.

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