The National Association of Travel Healthcare Organizations (NATHO) stated job orders for travelers have greatly increased over the past years. There is no better time than now to reap the many benefits of temporary work. Based on feedback received from the field, read below to learn why travel is the way to go.

Top perks of being a travel nurse or therapist

Free Travel. When you travel from job to job, you have enough to do without making or paying for your travel arrangements. So our travel specialists handle those details for you.

Variety. When you opt to travel for your career you open yourself to so many options. First of, you’ll have the ability to pick and choose where in the country you want to visit. You can work in clinics, hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, home health, and other health systems of all sizes and types. Give some thought to where you’d enjoy visiting and what you would like to learn. Factoring in both components, make a “wish list” and then work with a recruiter to fulfill your personal and professional dreams.

How about spending the summer at a rural health clinic while on a travel nursing Colorado job, you can hike, or go fly-fishing on your days off? Or maybe you’d like to try a teaching hospital in New York City so that you can frequent Broadway, take acting classes in your free time, and enjoy the nightlife? Or maybe you’ll request an engagement that will allow you the opportunity to advance your critical care skills. The possibilities are practically endless when you think strategically and plan ahead.

Flexibility. As a traveler, not only can you work where you want, but also when and how much you want. Have a large financial goal to reach? No problem. Schedule yourself to work full-time in locations that offer the best rates and the possibility for overtime and shift differentials. Need a breather? Tell your recruiter you want a month or two off between assignments for the foreseeable future. If you’d like to stay close to home for a while, check with your recruiter to see if there are assignments available near your permanent residence. Travel engagements are often awarded in 13-week blocks, but that’s not set in stone, so talk to your recruiter about your unique needs.

Great (way better than usual!) compensation. Traveling healthcare professionals often earn significantly more than their stationary counterparts. Let your recruiter know you’re willing to work overtime, weekends, holidays, and night shifts, and you’ll see an even more attractive paycheck. As you gain experience working in a variety of settings, you’ll be able to command top dollar for having acquired specialty skills and expertise, so take advantage of learning opportunities as they arise while you’re working in different locations.

Weekly Paychecks: Unlike other staffing companies, Host Healthcare pays you weekly, not every two weeks or every month. Every Friday you’ll receive a paper check or, if you prefer, direct deposit.

Licensing/Compliance Assistance: State licensing requirements are complicated, and they vary from one state to another. Host Healthcare has specialists (Kasia and Alex) who help you navigate this licensing maze, so you can focus on what you do best.

Nice benefits. Expenses covered for traveling healthcare professionals vary by agency. However, typically include a housing allowance, some portion of travel expenses, and a per diem for meals. Most firms offer health and dental insurance, retirement plans, referral and “loyalty” bonuses, continuing education, and reimbursement for licensure fees. Liability and workers’ compensation insurance are also taken care of for you. Bottom line: You don’t have to work “full-time” to feel secure.

Excellent Insurance Coverage: Host Healthcare provides complete health insurance for our travelers. We offer medical, eye, and dental for our travelers. However, unlike some recruiting companies, our associates receive the same great insurance options as our employee staff, Even better, will be able to start on the insurance right away!

Low stress factor. Assuming you find traveling enjoyable, you’ll most likely discover that working as a traveler is less stressful than being employed full-time and long-term at one facility. Why? You can easily avoid becoming embroiled in “hospital politics.” For one thing, and instead focus your attention solely on taking care of your patients. If you find yourself working with a difficult colleague or cranky physician, you’ll take comfort in knowing that it’s only for a few weeks or months. And words like “layoff,” “downsizing,” and “reorganization” won’t mean a thing to you.

Host Healthcare Travel Nurse and Travel Therapy

In conclusion, we hope this helped you see why travel is the way to go. Host Healthcare offers many travel nurse and travel therapy benefits. Benefits include: competitive pay, deluxe housing, tax-free tuition reimbursement, and a mentorship program for new grad travel therapists. If you are searching for nursing jobs nyc, browse through our extensive list of travel nurse and travel therapy jobs or call one of our friendly recruiters at (800) 585-1299. We are here to help you to get started.