Electronic medical record (EMR) conversions are when a hospital switches their medical records from paper to electronic, or from one type of electronic storage software to another. The conversion process can take months to complete. There is much planning to be done beforehand, including training for all staff using the new systems.

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Both nurses with EMR conversion experience, and travel nurses who can help patients as other nurses step away for the conversion are needed. Here are just a few reasons why an EMR conversion can be a worthwhile opportunity for travel nurses.

Add Bonuses and Perks

Because electronic medical record conversions are a big undertaking and can increase stress levels at a facility, compensation for 13-week (on average) assignments can be higher than other travel nursing positions.

Gain Knowledge

Travel nurses who work directly on the conversion also gain invaluable knowledge of the system the facilities is using, which may be helpful in future assignments.

Fast Paced Environment 

Nurses often love the fast paced environment of EMR conversions, which can make an otherwise long shift fly by.

Assist Patients in Need

In some cases, our travel nurses may be placed to cover shifts for nurses and other medical staff during the transition, ensuring the patients are seamlessly receiving top-notch care. Being there in a time of need can help strengthen a nurse’s relationship with both patients and the facility.

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