As a travel nurse, you understand that for many months out of the year you are not going to be at home. While it’s an understanding, it doesn’t mean being away from home is enjoyable. We speak with many travel nurses who experience homesickness during an assignment. To help, we have put together this list of 10 homesick tips for travel nurses.

 10 Homesick Tips For Travel Nurses

  1. Setup Weekly Calls With Friends & Families. Schedules give you something to look forward to. Find a day and time that works for you and your friends or families to have a weekly call. Use it as an opportunity to catch up. If you want to have more fun, use Facetime.
  2. Stay Connected Via Social Media. Social Media is a great way to stay connected. You can see what others are doing and they can also see what you are up to.
  3. Explore Your New Surroundings. Getting out in your next city helps you establish new routines. It also takes your mind off being homesick as you become present in the moment.
  4. Get To Know Your Neighbors. Your neighbors can be great people to help you explore new areas and no longer be homesick. When you “get adopted” by others in your new surroundings, you can create a new family.
  5. Go Out With New Colleagues. You should have a few similarities with some of your colleagues. Use that to build off of. Invite one of them out to dinner, drinks, coffee, or go exploring. If you have travel nurses at your facility, even more of a reason to get to know them.
  6. Join A Social League. Many cities have sport leagues you can join. These are great ways to have something social in your schedule and meet new people.
  7. Have Friends/Family Visit You. The best way to avoid being homesick and missing your friends and family is to see them. So why not have them come out for a few days. They can see your new environment and they get to take a little vacation. It’s a win, win.
  8. Travel With Someone. Many travel nurses travel with someone else. Whether it’s another traveler, a friend, loved one, or pet, traveling with someone is certainly one of our 10 homesick tips for travel nurses.
  9. Take Your Next Assignment Near Friends and Family. If you want to avoid being homesick on an assignment, make your next assignment near loved ones. Be sure to let your recruiter know ASAP as depending on your ideal location, it could be competitive.
  10. Do Something New. There must be something on your bucket list you have always wanted to try. What better time to try something new then when you are on assignment. Doing something new can help take your mind off being said and focus that energy on your new hobby.

Hopefully you enjoyed reading these 10 homesick tips for travel nurses. If you are ever homesick, check out our other articles or our social media channels. We have fun stuff for any travel nurse.

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