Days, weeks, and assignments all go by fast as a travel nurse. That makes managing time for important things, like for families, can be tough. This article provides 10 time management tips for travel nurses with families. Use these time management tips to help you manage yourself and your family time better.

10 Time Management Tips For Travel Nurses With Families

Create A Weekly Schedule. As a travel nurse, your schedules can be hectic. That’s why creating a schedule is so important. Include everything from family events to meals for the week. There are plenty of ways to create a schedule so it’s important to find something that works for you and your family. Whatever preference you prefer, be sure you set aside time every week for planning out your schedule.

Don’t Neglect Your Family. As a travel nurse, you are motivated by your career. But be sure you don’t over extend yourself professionally that you forget about your family. From homework to appointments to spending time with your spouse. Make sure you set aside time in your schedule for the things that your family depends on you for.

Don’t Neglect Yourself. This is one of the time management tips for travel nurses with families that we must remind travel nurses. It’s easy to give yourself to your work and your family. But don’t forget to pencil in some “me time” too. You cannot care for anyone else if you don’t care for yourself. Everyone needs time to recharge your batteries. Take time for yourself to read a book, schedule a massage, go out with friends, or attend an event.

Prioritize Your Day. There is no shortage of “to-dos” as a travel nurse with a family. That means it’s important to prioritize your tasks for what must be done now and what can wait. You will run yourself ragged if you try to do everything in the day.

Establish A Routine. Establishing a routine is one of the best time management tips for travel nurses with families. Routines can be great for meal preparation/having dinner, bedtime, and family time.

Don’t Overbook Yourself. Society can overwhelm our days. It’s easy to commit to a new activity for you and your family. But that can lead to stress and what was supposed to be a fun activity turns into something you aren’t able to enjoy. Overbooking yourself can create stress, anxiety, and even illness for you and your family. So next time something new is presented, make sure you are no overdoing it.

Say No If Needed. Nurses are used to multitasking. But over time, this can be difficult to sustain. When that happens, don’t be afraid to say no. Don’t feel like you have to always pickup an extra shift. Don’t feel like you always have to commit to dinner with friends and families. If an opportunity doesn’t align with how you’re feeling at the moment or your schedule say no.

Communicate With Your Family. This is one of our big time management tips for travel nurses with families. Communication. Make sure you communicate with your family and spouse and vise versa. If there is a change of plans or something new added, make sure you communicate that with your family. And be sure if it’s something big, that you ask before you commit to something.

Spend Quality Time. It’s great to run errands with your family or go out to dinner. But be sure you are spending quality time with your family. Time where you aren’t watching TV or glued to your phone. Set aside time where you can go out to a nice dinner, go explore something new, or take a mini vacation. It’s not always about the volume of time you spend with your family; sometimes it’s the quality of time you spend.

Be Flexible. Our 10th and final time management tips for travel nurses with families is be flexible. It’s great to have a schedule but don’t feel like you can’t make changes. It can be fun to make time for an impromptu event or night out.

Hopefully you picked up a few tips to help balance life between being a busy travel nurse and having a family. Use these 10 time management tips for travel nurses with families to help make time for everything in your life.

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