Phone interviews are used in our industry quite often and are conducted as screening interviews to determine which candidates to invite to interview further. Here 10 tips to ace your travel therapy phone interview.

10 Tips To Ace Your Travel Therapy Phone Interview

1) Do your homework. There’s nothing worse than knowing nothing about the facility/hospital your interviewer is calling from. It will show.

2) Practice makes perfect.Talking on the phone isn’t as easy as it seems. Have a friend or family member conduct a mock interview and tape record it so you can see how you sound over the phone. You can practice reducing the “ums” and “uhs” and “okays” from your conversational speech. Rehearse answers to those typical questions you’ll be asked

3) Take the call at home. Stay at home for your interview and make sure the house is peaceful. This is the best way to ensure you have a quiet environment for the interview. Participating in a phone interview while driving, while at a restaurant or another noisy environment is a sure way to appear distracted and disinterested. Stay in one spot to avoid sounding like you are walking or breathless. If sitting, sit straight up.

5) Be more than prepared. Have your resume in front of you. Start up your lap top. Turn off any distractions (silence you ringer, clear the room, etc). Grab pen and paper for notes. Have some questions ready for them.

6) During the interview. Don’t- Eat, chew gum, drink anything (unless mouth is dry), or interrupt the interviewer. Do- Smile (Yes, you can hear smiles!), be revel use the person’s title, take your time/speak slowly, take notes, ask what the next step would be at end of conversation, and last but certainly not least, seem excited!!!

7) Own the first 15 seconds. The first 15 seconds of the call are crucial. Make sure you present yourself as an enthusiastic professional. Keep in mind that even the way in which you answer the phone has an impact on the caller.

8) Ask questions. Asking questions illustrates that you are already thinking seriously about the position and the assignment. Potential employers welcome opportunities to talk about their companies and their own backgrounds.

9) Close strong. The way in you finish the interview is just as important to how you started it. Leave the impression that you are an accomplished professional. Thank him or her for their time and be sure to say that you are very interested in the opportunity.

10) Congrats- You did it! Go over the notes you have taken and follow up with your recruiter.

Host Healthcare Travel Therapy

In conclusion, we hope this helped you feel comfortable during and ace your phone interview. Host Healthcare offers many travel therapy benefits. Benefits include: competitive pay, deluxe housing, tax-free tuition reimbursement, and a mentorship program for new grad travel therapists. Browse through our extensive list of travel therapy jobs or call one of our friendly recruiters at (800) 585-1299. We are here to help you to get started.