As a travel therapist you probably enjoy this “life on the road” mindset. Taking an assignment for 13-weeks and then picking up and going to the next city. However, there is no doubt that every travel therapist will experience some time of homesickness. It’s okay. It’s normal. To help all travel therapists overcome homesickness we have created this list. Here are 15 tips to beat homesickness as a travel therapist.

15 Tips To Beat Homesickness As A Travel Therapist

  1. Use Social Media. There is no better way to see what others are up to then using social media. While it can be sad to see what others are doing and feel like you are missing out, it helps you stay connected.
  2. Use Skype or Facetime. It’s one thing to see photos, it’s another to see the people you miss. That’s why things like Skype and Facetime are great.
  3. Setup New Routines. Routines give us a sense of normalcy. Old routines can lead to being homesick. Setup new routines. When do you go to the store? What’s your new coffee shop? These new routines will allow for everything else to fall into place.
  4. Go Out. As a travel therapist, you meet so many new people. Whether it’s people you work with or new neighbors, find people to grab food, coffee, or do an activity.
  5. Explore. You are in a new place. Enjoy and embrace it. Figure out the fun things to do in your new city and do them.
  6. Give Yourself A Taste Of Home. Embrace the fact that you miss your friends and family. Create a way to easily remember home. A lot of people bring photos on their assignments which is great. But maybe you have a favorite keepsake to bring too. Or maybe a certain night was always pizza night. Keep the tradition going.
  7. Travel With Someone. Many travel therapists travel with someone. Whether it’s a friend, family member, or another traveler. Think about it. This might be the perfect thing for you.
  8. Get A Pet. Pets are great. Many travel therapists even bring their pets on assignment. If you don’t have a pet at the start of your assignment, doesn’t mean you can’t have one during. Just make sure the place you are living at allows pets. This is certainly a fun tip from our 15 tips to beat homesickness as a travel therapist.
  9. Have Your Friends and Family What’s the quickest way of the 15 tips to beat homesickness as a travel therapist? Have someone come visit you. It really is a win, win for both parties. They get a vacation and you get to have someone come visit.
  10. Take Your Next Travel Therapy Assignment Close To Friends and Family. This is certainly a great way if you are feeling homesick to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Be sure you talk with your recruiter early if you want to take an assignment closer to friends or family. Some locations are hard to staff so if you have your heart set on a specific location tell your recruiter.
  11. Make A Bucket List Of Things To Do In Your New City. Having a plan helps fill any downtime you have as a travel therapist. So make a list of the fun activities or restaurants you want to experience in your new city.
  12. Do Something Social. Sometimes beating homesickness is to jump into the deep end. No better way to do that then to force yourself to meet others. Whether it’s a sport league, cooking class, or attending a show, doing something social is a great way to beat homesickness.
  13. Send Gifts Home. People love gifts. They love them even more when you get them something memorable from your new location. This not only gives you something to do, but it becomes a tangible way for you to share your experiences with your friends and family back home.
  14. Learn Something New. Being in a new place allows you so many new opportunities. Take advantage of them. Try learning a new skill. What has been that one thing that you wanted to learn but never had time to? What better time than now?
  15. Get “Adopted”. A fun outside the box way to not miss your family and friends is to make new ones. Make close friends with local people or perhaps even other travel therapists where you work. If not travel therapists work in the same facility, ask your recruiter for any travel therapists they know that work by. When you make close bonds with local people or other travelers it allows you to have people you can lean on for a fun time out or a sympathetic ear when you’re having a bad day. And if you get adopted by someone who is or has travel therapy experience they can relate.

Hopefully you enjoyed reading these 15 tips to beat homesickness as a travel therapist

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