If you are reading this you probably already know there are plenty of benefits of travel nursing. If you are looking for a stable job that provides plenty of value and opportunity, look no further than a travel nursing career. The demand for nursing is at an all-time high. Due to this record high demand for nurses, there is going to be a nursing shortage. That is where travel nursing fits in.

In this article, you will be able to learn 20 benefits of travel nursing. Some of the travel nursing benefits might be new to you, while other provide more context into information you may have heard about travel nursing.

#1 Professional Flexibility.

Travel nursing positions vary in length, location, and setting. Professional flexibility allows you to enhance your career by taking time between your assignments to enhance your career through new certifications or extended learning opportunities. Due to the continuous demand for nurses across the country, travel nurses are presented with the opportunity to assist areas that are experiencing nursing shortages.

#2 Personal Flexibility.

To go along with the professional flexibility, a travel nursing career offers tons of personal flexibility. One of the benefits of travel nursing is the ability to work in any location you want. You can also coordinate your schedule to take time off to travel or see loved ones, without the worry of calculating vacation days.

#3 Meet More People. 

Travel nursing provides the opportunity to work in new facilities more consistently. As a new nurse in these facilities, you will get to meet new colleagues and friends throughout your travel nursing career. The new people you meet have the potential to largely impact your future career as they open new doors for you or they become lifelong friends that you will be able to share countless memories with. This is certainly one of the top travel nursing benefits we continuously hear from our travelers.

#4 Work In More Settings.

Travel nursing allows you to explore in more settings. Perhaps you always thought the ideal nursing job was working days in a large hospital. But after working in more settings, you learned that isn’t the setting you want after all. You wouldn’t have been able to know that working as a non-travel nurse. This is certainly an undervalued benefits of travel nursing.

#5 Make More Money.

A career in travel RN allows you to be well compensated. Did you know that the median compensation for a permanent nurse is $66,640 per year? Sound like decent money right? Well did you know that many travel nurses with acute-care experience earn over $100,000 per year when all benefits and allowances are included? Learn more monetary benefits about the travel nursing salary you can make and more benefits of travel nursing.

#6 Deluxe Housing. 

Everyone’s felt the stress of moving. Coordinating the schedule of moving from one place to another. Talk about something most of us would love to do without. One of the benefits of travel nursing is the ability of having a travel nursing agency coordinate deluxe housing for you.

#7 License Reimbursement.

Does the cost and stress of securing a new state license concern you? Not if you become a travel nurse. Host Healthcare offers it’s travel nurses license reimbursements as a benefit of taking a travel nursing job.

#8 Scrub Reimbursement.

As you spend more years as a nursing professional and comes with a lot more experience. However, it also comes with more “tread” on scrubs. Host Healthcare offers scrub reimbursement as one of its several travel nursing benefits.

#9 Travel Reimbursement.

The thought of moving around the country has a lot of positives. However, the cost and stress of moving can be a deterrent for some. The good news is if you work with Host Healthcare, we offer travel reimbursement as one of the 20 benefits of travel nursing.

#10 Travel With Your Pet.

As a travel nurse, you don’t have to leave your favorite pet at home. Host Healthcare helps you find housing for you and your furry friend while you are working as a travel nurse.

#11 Travel With A Friend or Spouse.

If you don’t have a pet but still don’t want to travel alone, you can travel with a friend or spouse as a travel nurse. Not being alone is one of the best benefits of travel nursing.

#12 Learn Skills Beyond Nursing.

As a travel nurse, you will learn not only professional skills but life skills. You will work with different people in different situations. These could be people and situations that are different than what you are accustom to. As a travel nurse, you will learn how to adapt, think critically and communicate effectively. These are traits that you will be able to highlight as you look for future jobs.

#13 Career Advancement Opportunities.

The professional development and personal skills you will receive during your travel nursing work are things that can set you apart from your peers. As stated at the start of this article, the demand for nurses has never been higher while being more competitive. If you have an ideal nursing job, what is going to separate you from others? The answer? Having a career in travel nursing.

#14 Avoid On The Job Politics.

Office politics are in every industry. However, as a travel nurse, you can avoid politics because you are only at an assignment for on average 13 weeks. If you are ever in an uncomfortable situation, remember you’ll only be there for a short period of time. This ability to not let this hinder your work is certainly one of the 20 benefits of travel nursing.

#15 You Can Help More People. 

No matter where you work as a nurse, you get the opportunity to help others in need. As a travel nurse, you can impact the lives of many more people. As a travel nurse, you are sometimes working in places that really need your help. Whether you are working in disaster areas, providing patient care to those in desperate need, or are a postpartum travel nurse assisting new mothers and their babies, you have the opportunity to help more people as a travel nurse.

#16 Endless Job Security.

Healthcare facilities are always in need. Whether they are looking for qualified healthcare professionals to fill a staff shortage or meet the seasonal needs, a travel nurse can always have a job. This is one of the huge benefits of travel nursing. This is something not every job can say.

#17 Find The Ideal City To Settle Down. 

Have you always wanted to live by the water? How about experience the cold winter? But have you ever lived it? As a travel nurse, you can test our many cities before finding a place to settle down. Think about it as an opportunity to “try before you buy.”

#18 Develop New Hobbies.

When you enter a new city on a travel assignment, you can experience new things. Maybe you’ve never gone ice fishing. Perhaps you want to try surfing. Every city can offer you the opportunity to try new things and develop new opportunities. This is certainly one of the underrated benefits of travel nursing.

#19 Earn Other Monetary Benefits. 

As a travel nurse, you earn more money than just your salary. Many travel nursing agencies like Host Healthcare, offer refer a traveler bonuses. You could also receive a sign-on bonus when you start your new travel assignment.

#20 Retire For The Future.

As most jobs, travel nurses can save for your future. Host Healthcare is a travel nursing agency that looks out for your future by offering 401k matching for its travel nurses. This is certainly one of the 20 benefits of travel nursing.

Why Should You Consider A Career in Travel Nursing

Considering a career in travel nursing with Host Healthcare as it offers compelling opportunities and benefits. Host Healthcare provides placements across diverse locations nationwide, allowing nurses to explore exciting destinations while delivering exceptional patient care. With competitive pay rates, comprehensive benefits packages, and personalized support from experienced recruiters, Host Healthcare ensures that its nurses feel valued and supported throughout their travel assignments.

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