As a travel therapist, there will be a few times where you need to make sure you have specific questions answered. Even though you are only on a travel therapy contract for a finite number of weeks, it is still critical you ask the right questions before accepting a travel therapist assignment. We have created these 20 questions to ask before accepting a travel therapist assignment. These questions to ask before accepting a travel therapist assignment are great for new or experienced travel therapists.

20 Questions To Ask Before Accepting A Travel Therapist Assignment – Recruiter Questions

1) How Many Hours Will I Work? It is important as a travel therapist to know some of these somewhat basic, but important details of each assignment. Assignments vary. Facilities vary. Hours can vary so this is an important question to ask before accepting a travel therapist assignment.

2) Will My Hours Be Guaranteed? A lot of facilities may not guarantee hours. In certain settings, it depends how busy they are while you are there. Be sure to discuss guaranteed hours when speaking with your recruiter. At Host Healthcare, we are always looking for guaranteed hours for travel therapist assignment.

3) What Will My First Day Look Like? Your recruiter will receive your first day instructions. What time to show up. Who to ask for when you arrive. Where to park. These things and more are all pieces of information your recruiter will be able to answer so make sure you ask.

4) How Close Is Housing To The Facility? Certain places might not have deluxe housing nearby. If you need to take public transportation or your drive is prone to traffic it is important you have an idea of your commute.

5) What Will My Housing Situation Look Like? It is important to ask your recruiter about housing before accepting a travel therapist assignment. Do you want to live in the city? Are you looking for something furnished? Do you need to bring things like a microwave or other electronics? Housing is an important part of the travel therapist experience so make sure you know what you are getting before accepting a travel therapist assignment.

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20 Questions To Ask Before Accepting A Travel Therapist Assignment – Benefit Questions

6) What Benefits Do You Offer Travel Therapists? Most travel therapy agencies offer competitive pay rates and some level of housing options. At Host Healthcare, we go above and beyond to offer unique benefits to our travel therapists. We offer tuition reimbursement for therapists, unlimited CEUs and license reimbursement. We also offer a mentorship program for new travel therapists.

7) Do You Offer Medical and Dental Benefits? This is something most travel therapy agencies offer. At Host Healthcare, we offer day 1 medical, dental, and vision benefits for our travel therapists. But wait there is more. We also offer travel therapists who travel with Host Healthcare to take up to 30 days off between assignments and still maintain health benefits. We are proud to be one of the few healthcare staffing agencies to offer this benefit to our travelers.

8) Do You Offer Any Retirement Benefits? No matter where you are in life, it is important you start thinking about retirement. If you haven’t started, you should put something, anything into retirement. Make sure you ask your recruiter if they offer retirement benefits. At Host Healthcare, we offer a matching 401k for our travel therapists.

9) What Is Your Travel Reimbursement Policy? As a travel therapist, you will be traveling between assignments and to your facilities. Make sure you know the reimbursement policy your recruiter can offer through their agency. As an example, will the reimbursement cover a portion for transportation to the assignment and then reimbursement for return to my home (or to my next assignment)?

10) Does This Location Hire A Lot Of Travel Therapists? It is important you find a place that will set you up for success. If the facility in question doesn’t hire a lot of travel therapists, you will want to know why. On the other hand, if the facility hires a lot of travel therapists with a good reputation then you are setup for success.

20 Questions To Ask Before Accepting A Travel Therapist Assignment – Interview Questions

11) What Are Your Expectations For Travel Therapist? This is a great question to get the interviewer to open up. Different managers have different expectations for travel therapists. You could also find out what their experience has been when working with travel therapists.

12) How Long Does A Session Typically Last? As previously stated, facility settings can vary. For example, acute rehab or long-term care sessions can range between 30 minutes to 2 hours long.

13) How Are Sessions Scheduled? This is an important question in all settings. Some places are fast paced allowing therapists to see patients frequently. Other facilities might put a cap at the number of patients you see per day. Make sure you ask this question before accepting a travel therapist assignment. If the pace doesn’t fit your preference, you might get burnt out.

14) Do You Extend Contracts To Your Travelers? If you have goals to stay on after your assignment ends make sure you ask. Thirteen weeks goes by fast.

15) What is the typical onboarding process like? Facilities can do things a bit difference when scheduling orientation for their travelers. How many other therapists will be starting with you? How long does orientation take? These are good things to know before accepting a travel therapist assignment.

16) How collaborative are the OTs/PTs/SLPs/nursing/physician staff? The way the hiring manager answers this question can tell you a lot about the company and department. Some settings, departments, and companies are simply more collaborative than others. For example, some teams have scheduled check-ins or huddles, and others communicate more frequently throughout the day. Still others may not require much communication between departments at all, leaving employees to depend on medical charts and notes for information.

17) What Technology Is Used? Does the facility use electronic documentation as supposed to paper records? Hopefully yes. However, some employers continue to rely on paper documentation for transmitting information. If you haven’t worked with the technology, assure them that you will be able to get up to speed quickly.

20 Questions To Ask Before Accepting A Travel Therapist Assignment – Finish Strong Questions

18) What Are The Biggest Opportunities or Challenges Facing The Clinic Right Now? You’re looking for the good, the bad, and ugly here. Often times, interviews will highlight the positive elements of the job or clinic. Do your best to draw out the challenges the clinic may be facing. Share examples that highlight your strengths to help solve these challenges.

19) Was I Able To Answer All of Your Questions? This question allows you to revisit anything you want to go back and discuss.

20) Do You Have Any Questions For Me? This is a great way to make sure there is nothing outstanding still to discuss.

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