When you take a travel therapy job you will typically be spending 13 weeks in one location. Your time there will fly by faster than you think. However, it can be difficult to explore a new place in a short time while working full time. That is why we created these 5 tips to make the best out of your travel therapy job.

  1. Research your city. Once you have a contract signed, you will most likely be preoccupied by the task of getting everything ready. Getting any last-minute documents completed, find housing and figure out how you are going to get there. Once this is all done you can start to get more excited about your upcoming position. Before you arrive, it’s best to search on Google or ask your friends on Facebook for any recommendations. When you arrive, tell your coworkers and patients that you are new to town. Ask them for recommendations on places to check out during your travel therapy job.
  2. Explore your new city. Your travel therapy job is time stamped. Don’t sit around in a hotel or temporary apartment when you’re not working. So when you are not working check out all the great things your new home has to offer. You might never be back. Take the list you received during the research phase and start checking them off your list.
  3. Networking is key in every industry—but none more than the traveling therapy career. You’ll be amazed at where you can find personal and professional contacts. New friends at coffee shops, taking classes in the community, checking out local arts and culture events. These new contacts can serve you during your current assignment but also in your next travel therapy job.
  4. Take it as it comes. While on assignment, things can come up that could throw a wrench in your plans. When that happens let the stress roll away and take things as they are when you’re a traveling therapist. If it’s raining on your hike, the restaurant you need to try has a long wait, or something at work keep your chin up and enjoy each and every opportunity for what it is worth. Behave with utmost professionalism at all times, never take it personally and let the hard stuff go.
  5. Keep learning. As a travel therapist, there are always new things you can learn. Especially if you are new to the industry, there are plenty of continue education courses you can take to grow your skills. Certain travel therapy agencies, like Host Healthcare, offer free CEUs for therapists.

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