As a travel nurse, you are always planning for that next assignment. However, you should also think about your plan in between contracts and what it will take to make that happen.

  • Do you want/need to go home in between each assignment?
  • Do you want to leisurely travel from one location to the next, sightseeing along the way?
  • Do you want/need to get back to work immediately the following week?

The reality is there are tons of assignments available at any given time. Here are 5 tips to do between travel nurse assignments:

  1. Taking time off in between assignments can be a lot of fun and part of the adventure of travel nursing, but also costly. Not only are you not making any money, but you are also spending quite a bit on travel, lodging, and meals. But sometimes you just need a break. You might want to go home for a visit, or the drive is just way too long to cram into a couple of days. The key is to plan accordingly during your assignment. Determine where you are going to go, how you are going to get there, and how you are going to get to your next assignment.
  2. Tackle those chores. Travel nursing isn’t like other jobs. You can’t finish a must-do chore after you get home from work that night. It’s going to be a couple of weeks. That means when you are home, you should take the opportunity to put some real effort into your to-do list. Prioritize chores with the idea in mind that the work you do must last the duration of your next assignment. Be proactive. If something needs painting, odds are it really will by the time you get back.
  3. Plan for your professional career. You hear some people say that the minute you accept a new job you should start searching for your next one. That might be a little aggressive for some but the fact is that there’s no reason you can’t start shopping for your next travel assignment while getting ready to start your next one. Plan ahead and you may be able to move from one to the next with little or no downtime. You’ll have more opportunities to be choosy about your next assignment if you start the search early.
  4. Do some good. Unfortunately, there are sad events going on all around us. You can use your medical training to help others. Organizations like the Red Cross offer the ability to become a CPR or first aid instructor. Not only does helping others feel good, but volunteer work will look good on your resume and could help you land future opportunities.
  5. You’ve earned it. Why not enjoy a staycation? Connect with family and friends, crack open a good book or binge-watch that television series everyone at your last assignment was talking about. Make the most of your downtime and the wait that once seemed so long will be over before you know it.

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