Whether you’re just getting started in school or preparing for graduation, check out these 7 nursing career goals for new grads. These tips can help you shape your future career.

7 Nursing Career Goals For New Grads

  1. Select your nursing specialty. There are so many specialties you can choose as a nurse. The key is discovering your passion and which area within nursing you like.
  2. Find a mentor. A mentor is a great resource for any nurse. They can help you answer any questions you have that come up in your career. Whether it’s a professor, alumni, co-worker, or boss, be sure you find a mentor.
  3. Be open minded about your first job. There is no shortage of nursing jobs available. As the population ages, more nursing jobs are opening all over the country. However, you want be sure you gain experience quickly so that you can be more selective when looking for future jobs.
  4. Consider travel. While most nurses are required to have one year of experience before becoming a travel nurse, there are a lot of career growth opportunities for those who become a travel nurse.
  5. Have a good work life balance. Like most careers, nurses can find themselves working long days. Having a good work life balance will keep you from burning out.
  6. Grow into your network. You know the saying it’s not what you know it’s who you know? The more people you know the easier it will be to grow your career and land your ideal job.
  7. Think about your future. It might be hard to think about your future as you are just about to enter the workforce. However, it’s important you know where you want your nursing career to grow. You might have to get more education or work in certain settings to reach your career goals.

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